Q & A Tuesday – Week 22

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi Chief. Thanks for always great trading tips and help.
I know this might not be within your experience or what you like trading with.
But i bougtht Sanches uefa live card few months back as investment for 230K I think United has good chance to win against PSG. Winner in first leg will give +1 rating to live cards and total winner in both games gets another +1 rating.

He is at 340K right now should i sell secure in hype or take gamble and hold? I am willing to risk and hope for United win. But then when should i sell? if goes to max price its 440K then sell instant or wait for price range update? Or even gamble more into hype could hold for 2nd leg? Hope question makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been advised to sell now as another trade expert says his card is way to high?


Thanks Chief sadly i went gready as felt confident united would win and put him up for buy now at 429K tonight was at work and it all went bad now not worth selling him just gonna hold and pray for miracle in return game ๐Ÿ™‚ i like using Sanchez live card anyways its a much under rated card if looking at stats he is on par with other more expensive similar rated players.


hey chief
is 27,500 still an investment for IF brandt , and whats your thoughts about IF 81 korber for 16k



85/86 rated bundesliga players a good idea? and I’ve noticed that De Jong keeps bouncing from 17500 to 15000 today repeatedly. He is now at 17250 will he go back down to 15000?


Check Berghuis. He is at 19,5k. Most probably De Jong will also go towards that price. Correct me if I’m wrong Chief!


Hey Chief, Should I sell IF Kagawa now or hold for Goretzka’s SBC as he is a 85 IF even though he isn’t from the bundesliga anymore, thx in advance.


Thanks for the reply, 1 other question if you may, roughly speaking, how much could I make out of investing 16k (PC) on Luuk de Jong, am kind of low on coins so Am just calculating if this specific investment is worth it, am already spending my last 120k on him, thx in advance again sir


Do you think there will be a market crash with new icon cards or just in the icon market?


I bought if martial at 86k should I sell before new icons promo in case he drops or also a chance of him getting another if


Ok thanks, could you give me some insight into how u determine if IFs are worth investing in. New to trading and investing and would like to be able to make more investments. I understand if I want to save this for ur patreon subscribers also ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey chief,

Hold or sell Motm Malcom? Currently 50-60k on xbox.


hey chief,
wondering how do I vote on comments,bro?
and other question, how on earth we can predict and invest on a player like Edwin Cardona!!?
He was 73 Sliver non-rare in Buenos Aires, transfer ed elsewhere. how such a card now is so important anyway?
Tanx in Advance,


Nice and helpful..any thought on Edwin Cardona?


Hello Chief,

Thanks again for all your advice.

Usually your investments take a week time to be profitable.
Are there any methods on how to make coins hourly?


Do you think the new icon editions will have a price impact on toty cards? Do you toty Mbappe can rise after the release of the new Henry card? I have two toty cards (Mbappe and Modric) I would like to sell but I donโ€™t know if I should wait for any price rise soon


Chief, bought gold De Gea and Prime Bergkamp for my WL team. Two days later, EA releases an SBC Cech and announces new icons. Talk about bad luck. Would you sell them both now and cut your losses? Or wait and see if they rebound on Thursday?


Hi Chief,

When would you recommend selling Smalling’s? They are sitting at 1,300 on PS4 now.

Daniel Argudo

Sell if u want to be safe, but Tom most likely ManU will get an SBC. He might be worth keeping because of this. I am

Zac Williams

Hi Chief,
I bought 87 inform Van Dijk at 380k and heโ€™s now 520k…. do you rekon I should take the profit now, as he might decrease in price when upgrades come out? Orr do u think he will continue to rise once upgrades come out?


Sold yesterday and lost over 100k overnight rather than wait for the hype to keep increasing before Friday. My first time doing FUT and investing, so my fault for not understanding what was happening. Lesson learned for next year!


Now that the new event with the prime icons is leaked..is it a good idea to invest in baby icons or even prime icons?


Does investing in Stindl and Rudy is a good idea for the Bundesliga sbc and if yes what would be the target price. Thanks !


And what about Ulreich ?


whats the next events? wont we have otw winter this year? any big event yet to come?


Doubtful we will get otw winter now as wehadheadliners last week which is a variation of the same thing. The winter transfers were so bad I doubt they’d do it because of that also


My bad, looks like I was very wrong!


no problem mate


Do you think its an good to sell and reinvest when he goes as he is out of packs on Wednesday or is that risky?


DE Jong sorry


What you think about investement at gervinho and dembele TOTW 21?

Jack Haze

Sup Chiefo,

would you sell all your tradeable players before the prime icon promo will drop?

Like prime Henry and prime Bergkamp


Hey Chief, absolute legend you are btw, but anyhow, when do you recon it is a good time to do Icons the likes of Nakata, Nedved, Butragueno


I mean when is it cheap to do their SBCโ€™s


I agree with this. I am only going to complete Figo 92 because he is an awesome player. I had his 90 rated icon and got it sold last week with only smaller loss overall. I already submitted Nakata into icon sbc. And also just for information if you guys have loads of un tradables or always take untradables in rewards (would not advice or suggest that) if you are trader always take coins. But if like a gamble only do tradable.
But okay anyways if you have loads high rated untradable and or all these league sbc card special card you dont use then it is very much worth completing an Icon sbc if its a player you like or would use until end of fifa ๐Ÿ™‚ I will do Figo 92 before next couple days with untradable i have from different free packs i will only spend around 300K for his card and thats value as his 92 icon will never go under 500K


Chief bought gold Eric daily for 1k and now he is around 1.8 k should I sell or will he inc considering there might a united sbc?


wait for sbc today, thank me later