POTM/UEFA MM Investment: Serge Gnabry

Player: Serge Gnabry

Reasoning: This investment is very similar to that of Chris Smalling from last week.

There are many different SBCs that the German attacker could be required for in the coming days, including but not limited to:

  1. A POTM Goretzka SBC that requires Germans
  2. A POTM Goretzka SBC that requires Bayern players
  3. A UEFA MM SBC for Liverpool v. Bayern

Target BUY: Less than 1,700 coins

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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What do you think of Rafinha at 900-1K?


Hey chief,
Learning from you, bro… what about Tolisso, Coman under 2.4 k?
or it`s better to catch a fish with rating 78 to 83?like Sandro Wagner, Alexander-Arnold under 1k?
Glad to have you here, BTW

Lavar Ball

With the news of winter otw, Is it a good idea to buy baumanns at 1.2k cuz he’s up a bit rn? Or is that bad?


I have close to one thousand gold-silver-bronze players piled up in the club that I have accumulated from different weekly free packs. I typically sell them if prices go up due to some SBC or use them myself on SBCs. What is the best approach for dealing with such a pile of players? Cash out and invest elsewhere? Or should I keep storing them for sale during SBC? I would appreciate your feedback.


Already 2.2k


What about Sule for under 7k?

itamar harari

hey chief
what do you think is the chance we get a guaranteed otw sbc on friday?


Is there still a chance to buy gnabry after we sell morata until he is out of packs?


Hey Chief, what do you think about Gimenez for next CL game and also Marquee Machup?


what about gaya he will probably be in totw 22


what about him?


hi chief,
what do you think of liverpool and bayern players to invest in for the ucl marque match ups


Chielf, had to buy him for 1.9k. Do you think that i can still have some profit with him?


I got 2 questions What does ROI mean when you write that? 😀
And I have another question not to this theme but when should I sell UCL live players? I got Nacho Fernández and Benzema UCL live and they already went good up

Sorry for my English and greetings from Germany and thank you for your tips 😀


Hey Chief, I am sitting in a few Hamdallahs.
Would you recomend selling considering that there are probably going to be promos and people will be packing belhandas as a cheap 83?

Anthony Rossi

Is 1800k a good price?

Anthony Rossi

Cool thanks chief


What would yoi expect him to rise too?


Hi chef
Do you think chilwell on a totw 84 rated card for 44k a good investment as only a few PL left backs in the game


Hi, doesit make sense to buy Reus/LM at 18000 as his card changed to CAM and the LM card wil not be in sets anymore.

Thanks in advance


i wanna mass invest in someone, do i go for gnabry or baumann? wanna invest 150k in one of them


would a possible upgrade on gnabry interrupt this in any way chief?


Lovely stuff, appreciate the response. I invested in ucl allan and ucl witsel aswell as an ea guy on twitter confirmed ucl base cards would be upgraded. Hoping to see some decent roi!