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Hi Chief,

I have RTTF VVD that’s going for 760K now on PS4, should I wait until the match to sell? I wanted to invest in Szczesny 86 IF and Sommer 87 IF before ratings refresh and was going to maybe sell him to invest in those. Szczesny is at 42K right now and has been updated to an 86 in sofifa so his IF might become an 88. Likewise, Sommer 87 IF is at 50K and he’s been given a +2 bringing that to potentially an 89 IF. I think these could be good investments as EA hopefully begins to release higher rated Icons. What do you think? My only reservation is the possibility ratings refresh is spread out over multiple weeks again for each league.



michael sheehy

Which cards are worth it for a prem team?


Okay thanks for your response! The cheapest 88 IF right now is at ~82K so I think there’s still good profit to be made on Sommer

Don Lopez

so should I go all in on 87 sommer to sell when he gets upgraded?


wtf is wrong with you guys, vvd will be 90 RTTF, he will cost 1mil when upgrade comes out….wait till upgrade then sell in hype


Do you have any trading tips for the Winter Upgrades?


Hi Chief,
On Friday when the Bundes POTM is announced, should we sell baumans straight after announcement or wait for SBC’s at 6pm?


What do you think are good investments? Would you say that Selke und Hinteregger are good Investments? (When yes for what price)


Hi chief, quick question i saw a prediction on futbin that felipe anderson will be upgraded. I have sif felipe anderson if felipe anderson will be upgraded he wil go to 87 rated. when do you think is the best time to sell him. sell him instantly if he gets upgraded or wait some days?

Pedro Guedes

Do you think that David Silva if goes to 92 and Jesus 85 to 88?
Thank you again


Hey chief just picked up a if aubameyang for 438k on xbox should i sell or hold for ratings refresh on Friday since he should get an upgrade thanks

Maximilian Bögeholz

Chief do you think it‘s a good investion in otw richarlison because he will get an upgrade


Is sharp a good investment at 15k for an 82??


Should I invest if he goes to discard price


Hi Chief
Would u sell or risk it with RTTF Douglas Costa on PS4?


When do you reckon Sommer is going to get upgraded?



Off-topic, but I would really appreciate your thoughts (based on your knowledge of trends and positions/leagues) on Chilwell 84 as a medium-length investment?

I may have been over-zealous in trying to avenge my OTW losses, so I dropped serious coinage on him @ 38k.

There are quicker ROI options right now for sure, but this seemed like a bargain when his only competition in that position is Robertson at 4x the price.

Thanks as always for your diligence in responding to commenters.


Not an explosive rise like that, to be sure, but a small rise nonetheless? Even 50k would bring me a nice profit. Just trying to think outside of the box with my investments, because I often lack the time to snag the most obvious ones.


Thanks Chief, appreciate it!


What about Selke for Bundesliga POTM?


I bought IF Brandt for about 27k and now it is roughly 30k. Do I wait or sell as new promo packs are coming out?

Ignasi Martinez

Hi chief! Is TIF Lala a good investment just to sell on friday with all the hype?


Hey chief, should I sell all my team right now? Will there be a huge market drop on Friday? Or is it too late? I will already loss 50k if i sell now and other 50k for tax. What do i do?


So, I’m thinking to sell my auba,salah,vvd and aguero. Is it ok?

uncl rc0

Worst case scenario, you sell now and if market drops, you buy back at a lower price


Been doing some research and I bought 2IF Szczesny as he should get an upgrade. Am i better off buying the 1IF for more profit?

uncl rc0

there are alot of better opportunities to invest your coins elsewhere


Hi Chief,

Ive invested on the following
7x otw alison – below 77k
1x sif alison – 48k
1x otw witsel – 55k

Should i sell them during hype or once the upgrade is release ?

uncl rc0

sell now, last year prices increased marginally after upgrade. safest bet is to cash in now



Amazing work! Thank for the tips.

Will the updates occur tomorrow for all players or will they do it over time? Should we hold our packs for Friday evening or not?



Hi Chief,
bought some Sterling Gold (85) for 16-17k, currently up to 21-22k. What you think hold until he’s back in packs or sell before ratings refresh?



Of course sell shortly before back in packs