TOTW 23 Gold Investment: Demirbay

Player: Kerem Demirbay

Reasoning: At the beginning of FIFA, investing in gold cards when they go out of packs is an effective strategy; supply is very limited at that time, so when card supply is cut off, it causes an increase in price.

As new gold cards (upgrades and transfers) are introduced into the game in February, the same strategy can be utilized.

Most recently, we saw this with transfers like Higuain (out of packs for TOTW 21), Fabregas (out of packs for TOTW 21/Winter OTW),  and Naldo (out of packs for Winter OTW).

In FIFA 18, we also saw it for the Winter Upgrade Serge Milinkovic-Savic.

With a goal, assist, and 10.0 rating in a 3-0 victory over Hannover, Demirbay will likely make it in TOTW 23 and go out of packs from February 20th-February 27th.

I expect similar to things to happen with Demirbay’s price as he has a good rating, nationality, league, and version (rare) for SBCs.

Target BUY: 1,000 coins or less

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Wednesday, February 27th.



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I currently have 20k. Do you recommend I invest all of it in demirbay? And if so, what would be the date where he would be the highest in price? Feb 26?


Gold cards reach their max price the day before they return to packs,
this case it would be Tuesday, Feb 26


Hey Chief, do you think Criscito will be a good investment? Last minute goal v Lazio. Seems similar to the Kolarov investment a few weeks ago.


Is 1100 too much for him? I cant get it for 1k. Also, when do kagawa, morata, and cylne come back to the packs? I have like 39 if them.


Is 1100 still a good price?


what about investing on otw players 79 overall around 15k? is it good too or risky?



What do you think the best price for 92 Sommer headliner


How much am I probably making if I buy 20 of em


What do you think of HL Ziyech @ 40k? Had two assists and one goal, another inform would make his HL an 88 ovr. Already has two informs tho…



Will there be UEFA Marquee Matchup this week? And if so, what are your predictions?


Hello Chief,

Is Luis Suárez a good investment for 120k?


How many of these cards would you consider investing in ?

Maximilian Bögeholz

How can you buy the 4th kit of Juventus, Real and Manu?
What filters?

Dave B.

Is this just for the 82 rated version or the 80 as well? Thanks.


What about Baumann? I bought like 100 but the price doesn’t seem to go up. Bought for 1k each


Any general trend as to how much prices tend jump for out-of-pack players?


much love for the response — cheers!


Is it a good idea to pick up some otw cards for 18k each? Will they rise?


Alright man, thanks for the fast responses.


With the 82 requirement OTW SBC this card is gonna go through the roof if he gets a TOTW, nice prediction.


Hi Chief,

I am a little late to the party, is it too late to buy Demirbay? he is roughly 1.5k atm.


Demirbay expected to rise on the weekend? it’s gone from 1500 to 1200 currently.

Dave B.

Looks like profit can is double already. Looking forward to what these go up to early next week.


Really kicking myself for not investing in more of these considering I already sold the 50 I bought. What a look! Hopefully I can re-up midweek @ 1k.
Thanks again Chief,
Much love.