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Hey Chief bought some OTW Munirs. How much do you think they will rise?


when to sell my players??


otw cards, sorry. cards like wu lei, golovin, dembele, lemar.


When is the best time to sell OTW cards for profit


When to sell the OTW Almiron? He’s 24k right now


Shall I hold my moratas for a bit ?
And thanks for the selke manage to pick some up


Thank you very much, been listening to you for 2 years you are really doing a good job keep up the good work


Shall wait end of the week for selke?

Many thanks


To buy Selke or to sell him?


Sell all 83’s now or do you think they will go higher later in the week? Thanks


hey chief, i got many Baumann/Pickfords and i could already double the price..would u sell or rly w8 some days into the sbcs?


Hello Chief, still got a hold of all my Morata cards? shall I sell off now or wait until Thursday?


Chief is there gonna be a UEFA marquee matchups considering there was one last week…..

Im really looking forwards to it as i done well last week even after the promo kicked off… but not sure which is the actual champions league week as lots of matches have been rescheduled.


Thanks for the swift reply, love the new update on the site by the way i recieved that reply to my email…. Doing a brillient job as alway CHEIF keep it up mate!


I have bought criscito before who is in the totw when do they be at their peak ?


Does it still make sense to invest in otws today as they haven’t really gone up yet?


Just packed cancelo otw time to have a party 🤣🤣


Packed OTW Kagawa and Promes. Hold them until later in the week?


Hey chief, saw your tweet about potential UCL Marquee matchups. Got 250k and feeling in a gambling mood. Looking at gold for those 8 teams, there are a LOT of options. Any specific players I should go after?


Any leaning? Gold from 8 different teams is a big list… And would you suggest cheapest golds (like under 2k) or more expensive, higher rated players? Do the lower cost guys have better potentual ROI?

Joel Embiid

What is ur opinion on me going all in on Joao Cancelo (81 ovr) for 1.3k. He’s even more likely to be in CL MM matchups because Juve vs Atletico is a much better matchup than Shalke vs Man City. Also he’s a RB and he’s the cheapest gold.


I bought 75 of him, think its a safe investement. Yesterday evening he was going for 2 -3k anyway


Hey Chief,

I’m sorry to ask this question here but I couldn’t find any answer elsewhere. How much duplicite players can I have? It’s 30 the maximum? Is there any way how to increase that number? Thank you for respond!

Joel Embiid

No u can have unlimited. You have to do it on console tho. And you can’t open ur packs while u r doing the unassigned glitch. Here is a link from fut chief. https://futchief.com/index.php/2017/11/16/trade-infinite-cards-no-matter-many-transfer-list-spots/


Hi chief bought 3 Mariano otw at 21k thought they’d go up seems there dropping what would you suggest