Q & A Tuesday – Week 23

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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What do you think of Coman’s base card? He will most likely be in TOTW 23, so will his gold card increase in price?

Ngolo Kanté 4 president

what is the safest short term investment Chief?

Ngolo kanté 4 president

At what price?


do you think IF Bailly is a good look since David Luiz SBC he dropped a lot.

Almog Tsarfati

Chief There’s a huge dip in varane price- went from 200k last week to nearly 100k today (on PC)
1. Do you know the reason for that?
2. Is it look like a good investment for you?


Hi Chief,
Today i am lucky get 88-Salah in Pack. Price ps4 120K now, do you expect an increase today (Bayern-Liverpool)? Should I sell him or keep?
Thanks chief!


Should I sell my demirbay he gone up to 1.5k


Do you believe he will still see a rise of cheap otw’s? Thanks!


Hi chief. I brought couple of Barkley man of the match cards. They will rise after he is going to be out of packs or should I sell him now?


Hi, Chief. What do you think about invest in Headliner Zapata? Hi’s price now 127k.


Hey Chief,
buy Piatek OTW for 40k because of upcoming TOTW 23 and winter refresh?


Do you think he will fall after spiking during upgrade hype, or he will fall below current price (37.5k)?

It would be so disappointing if he got an upgrade and then nonetheless plummeted below the price he had when 78 rated. Ugh.

Thanks Chief


Yeah, agreed. Much appreciated


Oh wait, damn, sorry for the multiple comments Chief but –

Does in the hype mean leading up to upgrades, when everyone is speculating – or right after, when everyone starts off-loading their cards?

I ask because I always get that timing wrong; it’s something I struggle with.

Thanks a lot


Alright, thank you!


Hi Chief,
Poulsen SIF 86 at 50k, you approve?


Hi, Chief. Do you think the price of 84-rated players will go down after SBC David Luiz ends tomorrow?

Thank you.

Maximilian Bögeholz

When Will the winter upgrade of the serie a release?


when morata gold returns to packs?


expected on 22nd feb


thanks mate.


Will kagawa’s price keep going up? its in 3200 for pc right now.


Have you ever considered getting an app for phones so people can get notifications when u post and some other benefits?


When do you think the UCL Witsel card will rise in price? He was recently upgraded, and his price limit was raised from 42k to 86k.


When to sell kagawa?


Hi Chief! Will it make sense to invest heavily in the cheapest 84’s and 85’s during rewards on thursday – as the baby icon SBC is there for another few days?


What kind of demirbay should I invest in? The if or just gold