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Michael h

When will their prices rise the most for Veretout and Demirbay ? You said sell before the 27th right?

Michael H

So just to understand, the refreshed gold cards are out of packs since their IF came out?

Michael h

But why would people want these cards in the following week?


What is the best investment? Id say oyazabal


Is demirbay for 1500 and veretout for 1200 still able to be pickups? As in, is there room for profit still?


You’re a legend chief, my transfer profit is up to 7.1 mil because of you, keep it up!


You are an actual legend — good stuff! Sitting on 43 Demirbsys and 30 Veretout $$$


I just checked out your site a few days ago. Took a leap of faith and bought 20 Demi and 20 Vere for under 1000 coins. This is really good info man, I appreciate it


Thanks chief. Bought 40 Demirbay. Looking for a great profit. When you say, 26th is the best day for selling, do you think there is really scope to sell all 40 cards then?


Thank you Chief. Your recommendation gives me awesome profit. Should Selke also be sold around 26th ?


Great stuff, suggesting Demirbay and Veretout!

Is there a specific time of the day, where you will sell at the highest prices? If for example I want to sell these two on the 26th, are the pricest highest in the evening (European time)?

Pedro Perez

Hey chief, do this totw investiments have a better ROI than the normal gold cards?

Pedro Perez

thanks, also i bougth some veretouts, whats the recomendation when selling? listing 5 each hour? to avoid causing a crash


3 ones at the same price or different price each? thx

Maurício Mozdzen

Why is not good listing more than 3 per time?


chief, munir and suarez otw dropped to 15k. do you think it is still good to buy them and sell soon? do you think they will rise shortly? thanks


When’s the best time to sell my UCL cards for the newest Manolas SBC?


i sniped 7 IF Criscito for around 25k. That isn’t bad right? He is a fullback with a good nation and league.


Top Danke für dein tip alles gemacht und direkt Gewinn


I’ve mariano diaz UCL 81
And Marcos llorente UCL 80
Do you think they’ll rise in price ???


Do you have a players to snipe ?


What do you think about dembele 82, do you think he’ll be higher than 1k??


Just a General question. Any idea why Fahrman rttf card went down in price after they scored the second penalty ?


Bad call on selling Brandt he going for 31k


Hi Chief,

What do you think of 85 IF Demirbay to invest in?

He is going for 35k atm while his 83 rated is 45k +?

The cheapest 85 rated on the market is 43k, so I think he will rise to 50k minimum!!!

What are your thoughts?



So for instance Selke who has risen from 16,000 to 18,000 making me profit of 1,100 coins per player.

While Demirbay is currently 35,000 and will be sold at a minimum of 50,000 making me a profit of 12,000 coins per player.

How is that not a higher profit?

You would have to buy 10 Selke’s to match that return.


Ahhh i see what you mean. Thanks for all the tips as always. Im 500k away from affording a Seria A team to put Ronaldo into.


Chief, do you think that coman will rise in price currently 6k in PS4?