TOTW 23 Investment: Pavoletti, Veretout, and Feghouli

Players: Leonardo Pavoletti, Jordan Veretout, and Sofiane Feghouli

Reasoning: Plain and simple – they are the cheapest 82 rated informs. I expect them to increase in price as their supply is diminished due to being submitted into SBCs.

Target BUY: Less than 17k***

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.

*** A lot of you guys panic buy when I post. Relax. They are in packs for a week. Just because they aren’t at my target price now doesn’t mean they won’t be later.



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Have no coins shall I sell my selke ?
Many thanks


Is there one that you think I should buy more than the other?


I also see some potential in Marcal, being a Brazilian LB from Ligue 1. What do you think?


And what would be his target price in your opinion?


Marcal is a great investment if you look at his IF last year, dude was a good 30k after going out of packs


Not related to the post, but do you think Sommer headliner card will rise anymore than 90k in the future

Adam Rzew

I should buy if’s now or next Monday after fut champ??


Chief… How long should i hold on to the cards for?


bought a few morata OTW at the start but it seems market did not pick up and value is dropping. Should i sell now to cut loss or should i wait?


Thanks chief!


Hi Chief,

Do you think Portu Gold card is a potential to raise like Demirbay?


i bought like 40 portu, and day after day i sell 4-5 for 2k
buy price was like 700


What about Alvaro the cheapest 84 sif with good nationality and league ? And it’s the same price as his 82 if


Hi chief,

Just packed an 87 Sol Campbell. Should I sell him?


Hey Chief,
will Ter Stegen get an Upgrade after Refresh?


Packed 84 IF Alvaro. Will he rise once La liga refresh happens?


I know you don’t often make precise predictions but how much do you expect Pavoletti to rise (more or less)? 25k?


That was not my question but ok. Thanks anyways.


Hey Chief,

I’m new to this, so I would appreciate your opinion on people running programs to auto-buy cards. Is that a thing?

I may be trash at FIFA, but I am quick with my mouse and I have good internet. I will often refresh, see a card literally just posted at 1 hour, flick immediately to Buy -> OK so fast with muscle memory that my eyes don’t even follow the cursor. I’m talking under 1 second.

And many, many times – not fast enough.

Is auto-buying a problem that EA faces? Or is Shroud a secret FUT fan or something, putting those godly FPS skills to work?

Thanks as always


And for the record, I would never do that, even regardless of a ban. That ruins the fun for others, and I find the idea to be pathetic.

John Reese

Hey chief, do you think I should cash out on Kagawas? I have around 40 of his dortmund card. Will 83s go down bc of rewards today?


Hey Chief, should I sell IF Robertson now or should I wait


They’ve all gone up by like 5k+ already. You’re awesome chief


When do I sell morata,demirbay and kagawa?


I bought two Feghouli for 16k each.Now they are already 29k on pc. Do they have even more room to rise,or should i sell now and buy once they drop again?


Why have my sbc depay , totw lala and future star saint-maximim not been upgraded?