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Its a joke. These player got refresh, but what about those with 2 totw, like Parejo. EA ruined my investment again 🙁


Chief, Sell dembele if now or wait for the 86 upgrade?


You expect cancelo otw to rebound after the sbc finishes ?


I got like 120 Benzema/Lacazette (85) for under 9.5k, I compared them to the likes of (85) Ribery who also has good nation and league and is always required for SBCs (and a much higher price than upgraded Benze and Laca atm). Do you think it’s a good deal Chief?
Thanks in advance!


Did you noticed how the market crashed tonight ? or not ?


I suppose it crashed bc ppl expected Cruyff and Pele SBC as a pic with them was leaked and EA did that base Icon SBC last week, most of the guys thought it was supposed to precede a top-tier Icon SBC. Some ppl bought lots of discard Icons and 83-90 golds and prepared for that something that never happened, then Van Nistelrooy came out at a laughable price and everybody started selling their 83-90 as they weren’t useful anymore. I have a full untradeable team with the likes of Butragueno, Nedved, FB Luiz, Christmas KDB, baby Socrates, UCL Salah.. so I thought “what the hell, let’s make a heavy investment here with no hurry to sell”.
Honestly I hope it will pay off.


Will Dembele’s UCL get an upgrade? because it’s lower rated than the upgrade.


Hey chief will otw rebound after the SBC are gone? Because I don’t know whether to sell otw mahrez now or wait till after. What do u think?


If you check the graph on futbin on the past week.. Should go up. Went so much down that they can’t go any lower. I’ve picked some cheaps up at really low.

Pawel Khanoukovitch

Hey chief, I am not asking when to sell but do you believe, that selke ( now 22500 ) will rise more, or should I sell and invest somewhere else ?


Just packed CR7 should I sell now for 1.6 or will he go up?


He chief when do you think is the best time to sell *Vallois, Ocampos and veretout)?


Worth going all in in Deulofeu? Scored 3 and got 1 assists.


Or maybe Kurzawa?


What u mean with deulofeu? The gold card? Xd

Dave B.

I have some TOTW that are out of packs (Witsel 87, Bellarabi 85, Selke 81). I might like the coins to finish the Nakata SBC by Monday, and Goretzka SBC for sure. Are TOTW more valuable sell now on the weekends compared to, say, next Thursday?


Not related to the post,but what would be the target price for investing in a few Otamendi cards?

Adam Hunch

Hey chief, not phishing for when to sell, do you think Kagawa (dortmund card) will go up more? (He’s 3.7k)


What happened at 16/17 March last year causing price drop?

Mohammad Abniki

Hi man
At which price should i snipe otamendi?

Mohammad Abniki

Thanks i didnt see the Twit
Which player should i invest with 300k?

Mohammad Abniki

Thanks a lot my friend