TOTW 24 Investments: Milik and Jovic

Players:ย Arkadiusz Milik, Luka Jovic

Reasoning:ย With 2 goals in Napoli’s victory and a goal and 2 assists in Frankfurt’s result, both Milik and Jovic have a good chance at making TOTW 24.

Much like Demirbay and Veretout from last week, both Milik and Jovic are recent upgrades. As a result, their supply is very limited.

As there are multiple new SBCs which these two can be used for (league upgrades and league SBCs with new additions), I expect their prices to rise as they are submitted into these challenges and their supply is diminished even further while out of packs.

Target BUY:ย Milik – 2,000 coins or less | Jovic – 1,000 coins or less

Target SELL:ย Before they return to packs on Wednesday, March 6th



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How much should i sell them for?


Sell when you are happy with the profit and / or see a better investment opportunity.


Historically they are at it’s peak a day or two when they return to packs learnt from the best futcheif ๐Ÿ˜„


Think less of what than of when โœŒ


Hey chief, great catch and you did it again.
What about Deulofeu 81, for under 1k?
Tanx BTW.


Any thoughts on Deulofeu after that hat trick?


Hey Chief, thanks for the tips, i just recently found out about your site, iam interesed in becoming a patron, since i play on PC the sniping filters won’t help much, do you give other tips on the private discord? different investments?


Go for mass bidding.. got some jovic by bidding for 1k


i bought like 40 of Jovic cards for less than 1000, and i listed them in market for 3000 coins ,, should i keep this price or lower it ????


lower, 2000-2400 max.


how long should i wait ??? what is the dead line cause i spent so much on him
thanks for the reply


Be patient, he hasn’t even gone out of packs, how do expect him to rise by 200% already? That’s not how this works at all. Just wait till he’s out of packs and his price increases


thanks , i relisted all the cards around 2000-2400 , now i will wait and see


You are missing the point. You invest now, and sell somewhere next week. He will rise a bit this week, but probably not above 2k.


yup, im new to this but now i got the whole point


Buy now and sell just before the cards return to packs in march 6th.. there prices will increase by time


Hey chief, would you expect miliks price to drop a lot tonight after otw promo finishes? 82 cards are still high


I bought Renato sanchez for 179k I might want to keep him but if he gets upgraded you rekon it’s a safe investment?

Toto El Masry

Packed Naingolan IF when should I sell him for highest price?


Thanks for the look, Mr. Chieftain! Much appreciated.

Grabbing some Jovics for 1k, but also wondering your opinion on Werner 84 for 4k and Benzema 85 for just under 10k?

Picked those up over the last few days because they seemed low to me; but Iโ€™m also extremely adept at badly-timed investments, so I wanted to get your thoughts.

Samir El Eskandarany

Nainngolan the IF is now for 197k will he rise more since he was 210k days ago


Hi Chief,

What do you think about Sancho Gold Card?

He is rumoured to be in TOTW.



And Chiquinho (Moreirense) what do you thing ?

FUT head

Which UCL Live player do you think is worth investing in?? (Under 200k), thinking about Nacho Fernandes or Lingard


how about Promes the orange card ??his lowest price now is 150k ,, worth buying for trading ?


how many milik and jovic cards u bought ?? i got 50 cards of jovic and 20 milik


At what time do Veretout and Demirbay return to packs?


Yesterday i buy gold Messi.
Is he a good investment for 640k?
And when should i sell him?


Hey chief, I invested in demirbay but he seems to have peaked on Friday when he was about 3000. Itโ€™s monday and heโ€™s been dropping now to 1500. Do you still think Tuesday is best time to sell these guys? Thanks.


He’s dropped all the way to 1300, do you know the reason he’s gone so low? I would’ve thought that the longer he’s been out of packs the higher his price would be? Thanks again Chief.


The otw promo which required 82s has finished.


wait so when are Jovic and Milik out of packs? like, when exactly do i sell them?


ohhhh okok thanks!


What about de Jong? Should get an inform plus he recently got the 82 upgrade and when he is in totw he goes out of packs already. Should be good right?


Would you say Messi normal gold card below 600k is a good investment?