TOTW 24 Investment: Aïssa Mandi

Player: Aïssa Mandi

Reasoning: The defender will be useful for SBCs moving forward given his good league (La Liga), position (CB), and price for his rating (he is one of the cheapest 82 rated informs).

After he is removed from packs, I expect his price to gradually increase as his supply is diminished due to being submitted in SBCs.

Target BUY: Less than 18k

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Perhaps tarkowski or subasic as well? They are likely to be the two cheapest 85 IFs after div rivals rewards., Subasic already is at 32.5k.


Hi du you Think Grifo if and pallois is a good investments thanks


Oki oki when should i sell them then is it å long time investment or shortly? Thanks


Oki oki thanks

Oscar Ebbesen

How about Monchini bought 4 for 12k or less by far one of the cheapest informs


I did the same. Bought about 15 for 12k. 76 rated informs from other totws also went to about 18k when they were out packs so I expect the same to happen to Moncini


I mean I think Vermeer IF would have been a much better buy… 81 Rated and picking them up for 13750 each. I mean its a much better ROI in my opinion plus he is 81 rated compared to 76 so he will be put into SBC’s way more than Monchini

Oscar Ebbesen

Exactly i invest in low rated totw every time cuz they always rise and if not for some reason you bought them for discard value so no risk losing coins


If you look at Dalmau and Vega from the last totw and Osman from the totw before, they now all are about 17-18k. I understand that 81+ players are better for sbc’s but I do think I’ll be able to make atleast 4k profit per Moncini


Guess I f*cked up then. I’ll just wait until there’s a promo where their might be sbc’s that require informs

Maxim Ellesse

What do you think about 83 Izzo? good league and nationality

Zevik R.

Hi chief,
what’s your opinio about Grifo IF ?

andrew m

Vermeer is 81 rated and only 15k atm would be great for sbc as is cheapest 81 inform by a fair bit and Grifo as he’s 17k and is bundasliga so great for POTM


I have snapped up about 20 of him as even if he rises to 18k that is a great ROI


Haven’t seen anyone mention Mena 82 for under 17k.
Bad nation and league…but as for rating, cheapest by a few thousand.

Worth a look?


I have gone deep on mena. 50 cards between 14500-17k he might be a slow one to rise. But as chief has noted before a lot of sbc’s have low chem requirements. Skov and Farfan are also 82 rated rm with bad nation and league and they are both around 23k. 5k a card pre tax is my happy to sell range anyway.


What about Milik for 26k?


I have a renato sanches ucl how do I sell in hype I know I list before the game or In between the game but what do I set his price to or should I let them bid it out ?

Many thanks


No never let people bit out. Always buy now




how long do you think it will be until his price goes up?

Samir El Eskandarany

Chief, I packed Aubameyang 88 Gold in the rewards and he is for 117k … will he rise more in the coming days or no?

And thank you


Hey chief, whats your opinion for PC/PS4 users, if the player hits the recomended price on xbox that would be a good time to buy for the rest of the consoles?


Chief – Jovic investors are going nutty out there! Too many people with too much buying power.
Some are already (!) panic selling – causing a crash down to 800-850.

I wish I had skipped the pre-TOTW hype, let everyone buy up mass quantities, and then taken advantage of the skittish investors who are now offloading in the early days because they’re afraid of bad performance.

In the end, this isn’t something we see that often, so probably not a consistent strategy. It’s just interesting, to me. The market is a fickle mistress…

Del piero

Gold jovic is 850… =(


I think when there isn’t a rise as expected, people panic-sell, driving the price down a bit more – causing a big snowball effect where everyone wants to get out while they still can.

Hang in there! We still have many days to go for a rebound, and I have faith that it will occur – however small or large.


I’m with him. Was half tempted to go in further when it hit 850 but transfer pile is full!


Do you foresee Pigott rising in price at all? I grabbed a few of him the day totw was released.


Will the market crash have an effect on my ffs jovic?


Who do you reckon more likely to win potm aguero ?



When will the SIF Demirbay rise above his IF?

Im confused as to why he hasnt just shot up after he went out of packs yesterday


what do you think about sancho? good link with england players and with premier league


Of course, the first time I decide to put a ton of effort into IF investments, a 2 for 1 promo is rumored to hit…

I bought tons of tickets for the Titanic, anyone want to join? It’s sure to be smooth sailing from here, boys…nothing could go wrong!


Made the same experience with guaranteed totw sbcs. In general just wait until after Friday after potential promos could hit.


2 for 1 promo will bring down the prices of Mandi? Wouldnt the price increase again?


A lot of people opening packs = more supply of Mandi = price decrease.

I’m sure it will start rebounding when the promo ends, and certainly after the card leaves packs next Wednesday. Just hold onto your cards and wait it out.


Yes, thats what gonna do. bought few for 16-18k. not interested in panic selling. will wait for a week