Introducing FUT Chief Referrals!

I will now start rewarding a free month of Patreon subscription for referrals. Here is how it will work:

“Bobby is a current FUT Chief Patreon subscriber. He gets Larry to also sign up for a FUT Chief subscription. When joining the discord, Larry will be asked for his referrer’s (Bobby) Patreon email address. Chief will refund one of Bobby’s monthly payments.”


  1. The new subscriber must not have subscribed to FUT Chief before.
  2. The referrer must have an active subscription.
  3. The refunded subscription must be less than or equal to the new subscriber’s subscription (e.g. a silver subscription can be refunded for a new silver signup, but a gold subscription cannot be refunded for a new silver signup).
  4. There is a limit of 5 (five) refunds per person.
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