Investment: Nicolò Barella

Player: Nicolò Barella

Reasoning: When investing, you always want to target looks that have a chance to rise for multiple reasons. In the case of Barella, there are 3 different reasons that he could rise over the next 7 days.

  1. He will be going out of packs for OTW on Friday the 27th. As we saw last year with FIFA 19 OTW gold cards, this caused a substantial increase in price.
  2. On Tuesday, October 1st, we will likely be getting a UEFA MM. In FIFA 19, the requirements for these nearly made Bayern/Ajax and Napoli/Liverpool players go extinct. As Inter/Barcelona is one of the premier fixtures for Matchday 2, Barella has a good chance at rising if Inter players are required.
  3. On Thursday, October 3rd, the regular MM will be released. Inter v. Juventus has a good shot at making the cut, and again, Barella could rise if Inter players are required.

Target BUY: XBOX 1.5k or less. PS4 1.5k or less. PC 1.5k or less.

Target SELL: Before he returns to packs on Monday, October 7th.



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Anthony Hubbard

Hope your right, just bought 50



Aviv Kaplan

Bought 20
God help us


Are the subscriber only investments always the investments you are most confident in?


Hi chief, I see your subscriber base is growing which is great for our community as well. Just wondering, would there ever be a cap for its number?

Tony Tony

At What Price Point would you sell? Or rather at what range would you be happy with the profits? Are we talking selling for 2K or talking higher margin?

Tycho Geertsma

should i sell my griezmann to invest 300k extra in barella, or keep till next week and invest 100k in barella


Hey chief,

How would you suggest to spend my 1mil? I’m on Xbox and am looking for a big investment.



Easy Chief,

Tagliafico’s standard card is pretty much extinct at 10k PR – will he get updated one? I’ve bought 2 and keep looking for more but they sell instantly for 10k


I have invested in a few of these and a TAA I have 230k what should I do with it?


Okay great


I have invested in a few of these and a TAA I have 230 k what should I do with it ?


what could be a good sell price be? Spend all my coins on this guy… Should i be satisfied with 2,000 or could he go around 3,000?


Should I buy Hernandez otw?

El taco

I packed otw de jong. Should i sell him and invest in other players?:)


Hey Chief,
Invested in pulisic and he is currently at $4,500. Do you think sell or wait to see a possible rise?


Should I sell pulisic now or will he rise?


Could carlos alena be a good investment for a barca match?


Brought OTW Ben Yedder at 120k, should I keep or sell and reinvest? I also have a gold Ben Yedder that I don’t know what to do with at the moment.


Are you still convinced of him? Bought 25 for 1,5k each and he even decreased in price.. hoping for the sbc’s :/


I bought 15 Hummels for 17k each as investment for bundesliga sbc, however hummels dropped now to 13k, should I sell and reinvest in Barella or keep and wait.