UEFA MM Investment: Barca/Inter & Spurs/Bayern

Players: Cheap Barcelona, Inter, Spurs, and Bayern players (Pavard shown above is only an example)

Reasoning: On October 1st and 2nd, Champions League play will continue with Matchday 2. Last year, EA started doing SBCs for these fixtures. Here are the SBCs from last year.

Due to stiff requirements, players from Napoli/Liverpool and Bayern/Ajax rose dramatically for these.

The two most likely matchups to get featured on Tuesday are Barcelona/Inter and Spurs/Bayern. If the requirements hit, these players could rise to 2k+.

Target BUY: XBOX 500 coins or less. PS4 500 coins or less. PC 500 coins or less.

*NOTE – Golds quick sell for more than bronze/silver players, so if you have an option to get a gold at 500 coins or a bronze/silver at 500 coins, you are better off getting the gold.

Target SELL: I expect these to rise in anticipation of the SBC release. If you want to play it safe, sell in the hype a couple hours before (it’s released at 6pm UK time on Tuesday). If you want to gamble, hold in hopes the requirements cause them to rise.



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He is 700 ish coins atm. Too expensive I think?


Hmm true. Would you take the gamble holding him for the sbc because he also has a good chance for totw3?


Hey Chief, would Sensi really rise when he is out of packs for totw3, because his card is bad and not in demand.

I think gamble for the UCL MM, if that fails selling in the hype for the juve inter MM is the best strategy with Sensi, agree?


I bought Ndombele for 16.5k and now he is 14k…Will he rise or only fall now as he didnt get a otw?

Aviv Kaplan

Would you sell Pulisic for 5K now (2k profit each card) and invest in Pavard or wait for Pulisic to rise more?
Honestly I think Pulisic will stay at 5K


Should we sell the other top picks now such as atal , kolarov and Pulisic ?


Should i sell de jong for 37K and buy cheap inter,barca,bayern,spurs players or wait until EA will increase de Jong’s price range?


Bought de Jong dir 84k, what a Great loss… what price range you think hes gonna hit back?


can we also invest in silver cards?

many thanks




Should I sell my otw lukaku , I bought him for 80k


How many cards do you tipically buy with this kind of investments? It’s a great ROI but for 50k you allready have a full transferlist while almost anyone has way more coins than that…

I mean a 100% ROI is great but with just 50k invested it’s not a lot of profit


I packed 88 Icon Ferdinand should I keep since weekend league is next week or sell now for 800k (PS4)


list him overpriced every now and then but mainly prices will rise on wl

Daryl Oakes

packed 88 sterling sell now or wait till wl?

Daryl Oakes

where should i reinvest, was making profit from silver players but they’re drying up slowly but surely


How much would you invest in these players , I have 25k invested in them but I don’t know whether their price is going to increase when the sbc comes out so I don’t know how much I should invest ?

Big Loot

Hi Chief, do you think these cresswells will rise still? Or is it an L? Thanks!


Hey Chief, maybe you answered that question before.
But when do Gold Cards from TOTW return into packs?


Hey Chief, dou you think Rodrigo OTW Card for 50k is a good invest?


I packed ben yedder what do I do chief?

fy kasse

Got any tips for sniping. I cant seem to profit from it, even though i manage to snipe players below their bin. At best i get 250-500 coins each for the players i snipe. But can sometimes manage to lose money because of the ea transfer fee.

El taco

I am a subscriber. Is there somewhere i could get a answer for my question?:)


Please help me Fut chief. Should I sell my lenglet which I got from a pack to buy ter stegen + pique, or a dembele? or should I just hold lenglet?


Do you still like these at 700 for gold cards


i’ve just packed otw thorgan hazard. when do you think it is the best moment to sell him?


When are you expecting the barella price increase?


Is havertz worth investing in as it is likely he will be in TOTW 3?


Should I sell or hold my totw Orban. Will he rise in price?