Q & A Tuesday – Week 3

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey Chief, I got my hands on some of the UCL cards before they took them back out of packs. Prices jumped 200+% and looks like they’re going for around 4k now. Is there still value in holding them?


Why were they taken out?


Hey Chief, I was able to snipe some Gnabrys and was wondering if I should wait until tomorrow or sell tonight? What are your thoughts?


Hey Chief, You think Lenglet will rise much more? Currently he’s about 80k.
Not sure to hold onto him a bit longer or not.


Iam am still holding on to totw 1 aurier should i sell him now or wait longer for a higher price (bought him at 25k)


When should we sell the inter Barca Bayern and spurs players


When the Marquee come out


seems no marqueee for the UCL games? Shame that


I want to gamble. Suppose we are right and they do announce them, how do you price them to maximize profit but still clear the trade pile while they are rising? Just lowest BIN at that moment seems like it wouldn’t maximize.


Hey Chief, when should I look at selling my high-value cards? New to FUT so I’m wondering if there’s a time when prices usually drop for high tier early players.


Do you think IF TAA will rise much after he’s out of packs?


Hey Chief, is it still a good idea to invest for the uefa mm even though EA messed up today?


Why did EA ‘mess up’ today?


Allright. How does this affect the market/investment opportunities? Thx for reply


CHIEF, well done – thx in advence for advises
1. What do U think about Sensi – Barca/Inter -> TOTW3 -> Barca/Juve
2. What do U think about barca players – barca/inter -> Barca/Sevilla potencial in mm on thursday
3. 82/83 Segments – i think today EA rise the prices due to UCL SBC (81 rating +, RARE?)
4. Today maybe, we have opportunity to invest in OTW due to packs opening after 6PM


Hi just found you recently from the web app and just wondering how would you rank your activity on these 4 things. this website twitter twitch and youtube. why i ask is because im wondering where should i look to get your most updated/recent advice.


Hey Chief, Javi Matrinez is doing my heading, I have a few (picked up for 2.5 kish), he’s been pretty flat on the market for a few days, do you see him rising in value at some point in the near future? cheers Meki


He is instaselling at 9-10k now


Hi Chief !! i just joined your patreon i want to snipe but i dont get any info … ?
it only said the quality not the nation – position – league – team

sorry maybe an weird qeustion but first time for me …


done 😉


Hey Chief, I’ve never started playing Fifa thise early in the year. Any idea about when prices go back to “normal”? Last year I could get Werner for 5k, Reus for 80k and now they are 50k and 300k.


Hey Chief, what do you think about Junior Firpo – he’s pretty inflated, but potentially TOTW 3 + he’s a Barca / Spain player which means he could rise even more.


When you plan to sell UCL mm investments SENSI, pavard, borja valero etc ?
Before or after main tuesday event? (SBC UCL 6PM)


When to sell sensi ?
today in MM or wait for TOTW?
And please inform us on twitter when you’re going to sell


i have 10 kolarovs when should i sell them


Inform kolarov


the gold ones today !!!
the if will rise when theyre out of packs -> tomorrow


the golds today, the if after theyre out of packs !


Hey Chief, I just packed OTW Rodri. Current price is around 50k. When do you think is the best time to sell?


hi chief! still got a totw1 koscielny do you think his price will ever go up? thx mate


I got OTW PEPE, should i wait to sell him when there is no opportunity to get him in packs, or wait till he gets a IF? What do you suggest?