MM Investment: Man U Golds

Player: Cheap Manchester United Golds (Bailly is just an example)

Reasoning: Each Thursday, EA releases Marquee Matchups. This week, there is a good chance that Liverpool v. Manchester United (see predictions here) will be chosen. If requirements hit, this would cause players from Manchester United to go up.

Regardless, I anticipate these players to rise in the hype leading up to Thursday.

While you can invest in silvers/bronzes as well, gold cards are better as they discard for more (particularly gold rare cards). See the full list of quick sell values here.

Target BUY: XBOX 750 coins or less. PS4 750 coins or less. PC 750 coins or less.*

*Squad battle rewards should be a good opportunity to get them at these prices.

Target SELL: Marquee Matchups come out on Thursday at 6pm UK time. Sell in the hype beforehand or gamble and hold in hopes the requirements cause them to rise. Personally, I would sell in the hype.



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Hi can anyone give me some more examples ?



You are really lazy dude.




ha ha…says the guy asking for someone to give him examples of cheap Man U gold players!11


why no Liverpool Golds?


Hi chief how much do u think the players could rise to? Thanks


They are already at 1200 🙂 Do you think we should already sell or still hold till thursday?


Nice bought 80 Matics for 650 each, he discards for 648 🙂


Gonna go with Harry maguire specifically for the investment, 82 rare English easy to link for discard value, him or mata would be the best bet.


Why do you think we should sell in the hype? Is it possible that EA won’t choose this match as one of the marquee matchups?


Would it be worth just risking it given they’re discard anyway? Won’t be like the David Luiz scenario. What do you think a ballpark figure of maxed value would be for them? 2k?

Julio Serna

what do you think of Borussia Dortmund vs Borussia Monchengladbach Marquee Matchup?


Packed rashfod keep or sell?


Hey Chief, do you think we should still hold on to Verratti or sell him before he returns to packs? Cheers.


Shall I hold my dunk if bought around 6 for 10.75k


How late beforehand should we sell chief?


Bought some Dembelés at 70k. Currently going for 78k. And some De Jongs at 81k. Currently going for 87k. Shall I sell now or will they rise right before WL?


Would you say multiple gold icardi is still a hold? Possible MM?


City vs Atalanta as other Eufa MM on 22nd? CvA +CvA 😂


Heya Chief do you think all the IF grillitsch I got at 10,250 I should sell on for 11? Or wait till next Bundes SBC hype?


All in chief


Hey chief! I invested in some golds from United but I was a bit late.. bought like 30 United rares for 950 etc (pc) now they sell at 1400 min! Sold half and have like 15 for tomorrow in case they release United vs liverpool! Do u think I should sell them too?

Just to be safe I bought like 90 winks and lamelas’ for 650 (discard for 640)! Liverpool vs tottenham is next week and if they don’t include the utd matchup is it safe to assume their price will raise due to the hype? At least the risk is minimal this time around


Hey chief should I buy some players for tomorrow when people are buying there teams like sissoko and stuff because he’s quite common in people’s teams and he may go up… am i right in that statement or am I just a idiot


Hi I got Aubamayeng at 325k on a bid last week he’s insane I used him for WL but he’s now at 348k , I could sell and maybe make like 1k after tax but do u think his price will rise after his sbc or maybe before ?


Okay thankyou .


Hey FutChief,

I’ve bought around 24 United and Liverpool players (around 900-950).

What time do i need to sell them?! And how much will they rise?!

European time…. 😉


Sell a few hours before 6pm (UK time ) during the hype for guaranteed profit or take the risk and see if they’re needed for the requirements and maybe their price will increase further . I’m selling in the hype personally though .


Oh oke thx! But what price do you expect in these ‘hype ours’?!


And what could be the biggest risk of waiting untill the requirements are there?


You’re selling them in ‘hype ours’ personally….what profit do you normally get per player? (With 80-81 rated players then!)


I got all my players last week for 500 coins and a few rares for 700 , it should be between 1000-1400 so it’s good profit .


Oke, and what time is ‘a few hours’ before 6pm (UK time) ?


Is it 3,4,5 o’clock? Because Joe Gomez is now only 1k