Q & A Tuesday – Week 12

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hi chief, can you recommend some investment strategies?


Daniele Rugani. I invested a lot of coins in it and for now I see that it only goes down. why


Hello Chief. I need help to enter in discord Community. I am new on discord how can I join the chat?

Walter White

Should we expect RTTF cards that are expected to get boosts to continue to increase until they lose in the tournament (unless they get resupplied like in last year’s TOTS)?

christian hilgenberg

Should i invest in IF 86 players under 20k?


When are we looking to sell him? When an sbc needs a high rated squad with an inform?


I’m trying to buy a fresh Messi for my team. He comes back into packs in 5 minutes do you think now is a good time to buy him or is he going down in your opinion


Hello Chief!
Because of Van Dijk IF incoming (his player pick is going to be available on Thursday) I invested 2M coins in Wijnaldum (golds and IFs) and Robertson (golds and IFs). Do you find that move a good move?
PS. you are doing a really good work and I appreciate it although I can’t afford a subscription 😛
Keep on doing well! Cheers


Would You recommend to sell them on Thursday or Friday? Or another suggestion?

Awais Hassan

How much did u buy inform
Wijnaldum for ?


@Awais Hassan
150 000 coins maximum on XB1
with a good chemistry style for Wijnaldum


I am really surprised but you were wrong :O Wijnaldum went from 5000 to 7000, Robertson from 35k to 47,5k and prices of both IFs are constant. So percentally investing in golds was a perfect idea 😀
PS. Congratulations for being no. 1 in the world!


Waddup Chief,

i forgot to ask on the Stream: Do you recommend investing in Gold VVD, as he will be out of packs ?


Wondering about icon prices and best time to sell or not for toty.
I currently have:
Rio 88 – (stagnant from start)
Del P 90 – (consistent rise)
Lothar 91 – (constant rise)

How will their prices be impacted by Futmas and toty?


I believe Primes are released in 16 days. Do you think I’m safe to use them for one more WL, or should I sell before this one?


Thanks Chief


Sell all icons before TOTGS (now the 6th)? I have Nedved 86, Raul 88, Hierro 89, Makelele 87 and Figo 90. Or is will these be better to hold with base ones going out of packs soon too?


Should I sell 91 Lewandowski because there is a chance he will get a TOTGS card?


When is the best time to sell IF Mane?


Hey chief, you think that is good invest in ucl gold rare player discard price , for some sbcs(like last year) coming with Totgs??


Hey chief, I want to buy some higher rated sbc fodder (83-88) before futmas comes out and I’m wondering the best time to buy? I bought some on Sunday but they’ve risen some since and I can’t go all in. Is rewards Thursday going to be the best time to buy do you think?


Do I sell my here ucl live card I’ve bought him for 90k ?


What is totgs?


Hi Chief,

I want to buy IF Mane for my team, he is at 800k right now after being in packs for best of.

Do you think it would be better to wait until after TOTGS or do you think he will increase again now he is out of packs?


Hi chief, I am running the Serie A SBC for the second time and I see some silver players are now so expensive (Brescia and Verona) while a week ago i bought for an average price (around 2/3k). Do you know why and do you think they will come down at one point or I should just pay them 10k each?


What i would suggest is stay away from very expensive silvers. Instead, try grind bronze packs and use the cheap bronze that only list at 200 coins and do upgrade packs that way you can most likely pick up silvers usable for Bundesliga and or Serie A. And opening bronze packs now is very profitable as well get some squad fitness and big profits. Just make sure you stick to 400 coins bronze packs don’t do 750 coins even though tempting.


Many thanks to both guys, at the end I waited until today then I bought them for 5/6k each that is still a lott but well.. I needed to complete the SBC. But I am now grinding with the bronze pack method now. Its slow profit but its still profit!


POTM Messi?


Think it will require base maessi?




What are your prep suggestions?


IF Benz for 50k? POTM Messi SBC.


He’s already up 30k. I bought 15. He may max price before Friday.


I can’t understand: why is IF Alli so cheap? He is so simmilar to IF Wijnaldum… it looks like a gr8 card to invest in but I’d like to know why his price is so low. Greetings Chief