Investment: Keita

Players: Keita

Reasoning: Just as Rugani could be required for the upcoming UEFA MM, so too could Keita as Liverpool face Red Bull on Tuesday.

In addition, Keita had a goal, assist, and MOTM honors in Liverpool’s victory today. This means he could go out of packs for TOTW 13 on Wednesday. While this doesn’t always mean a player’s price increases, it definitely can’t hurt.

Target BUY: XBOX 850 PS4 850 PC 850

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity.



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Hope it works out! Got a late start this year so I’ve been playing catch up and your advice has been beneficial!

Purchased 30 keitas at 700 coins so I’m hoping he Shoots up!

Awais Hassan

Will do


yo chief,

is it a good move to buy high rated players from laliga? for the upcomming messi potm? i also bought some high rated informs. thats a good move right? what do you think?

kind regards

David Silva

The max price to get keita.. he is at 950 now. Still worth it?


You can bid on him for a low of 700-750 and get him. Don’t “Buy Now”

David Silva

Ok ty.. when do you think his price Will go up?


What price can we see gamerio gold card can go to if he get a totw?

David Silva

What to do now with keita?