Thursday Flips for Week 15

Here are the players I like for Thursday Flips this week, along with the prices I like them at.

  1. TOTY Nominee Fabinho: XBOX 70k PS4 65k PC 65k
  2. IF Willian: XBOX 35k PS4 35k PC 35k
  3. IF Gnabry: XBOX 55k PS4 55k PC 75k
  4. IF Mendy:ย XBOX 40k PS4 40k PC 60k
  5. Hero Firmino:ย XBOX 165k PS4 165k PC 185k
  6. Icons Under Average (refer to ‘Top Down’ on webpage)

Look to buy when you can get them at these prices and/or during DR/WL rewards on Thursday (8/9am BST). Diversify and do dollar-cost averaging to minimize risk. I would sell Thursday before 6pm to avoid potential dips from pack openings, particularly for Willian, Gnabry, Mendy, and Firmino as they are in TOTW 15 and will have a lot of supply coming later in the week.



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So would you sell the players on today or next thursday?


About the Silvers of Scotish League, from Celtic and Ranger teams. I sell them what time of today?

Im brazilian so im sorry for the potential concordancy mistakes.


Can we see Raul albiol and aranguiz inform?
Many thanks


Sorry my mistake

Can we see their prices increase?


Why are the players 3-10K + more expensive right now?