Investment: PL UCL Rares

Players:ย UCL PL Rares

Reasoning:ย Last week, as expected, EA released Throwback UEFA MM for what would have been the 1st leg of the quarterfinals. They picked two of the quarterfinal matchups from last year: Ajax v. Juventus and Manchester United v. Barcelona. Our UCL Rare investment worked nicely.

Next week would have been the 2nd leg of the quarterfinals. The other two matchups from last year were Spurs v. City and Liverpool v. Porto. As 3 of the 4 teams are from the Prem, I think investing there is the right move (even better if you can get Liverpool/City/Spurs rares).

Target BUY: XBOX 1k PS4 1k PC 1k

Target SELL:ย Sell on Tuesday/Wednesday after the SBC is released.



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Also Dane

Any position or rating? For example is 77 Bravo a good investment for 1k?

Also Dane

Defenders are sadly impossible to get under 1k now

Also Dane

Sounds good, thank you!


hi chief do you think the top 5 league will rise too? cause last time the requirements werent about a team so can i try and buy other league or do you think only prem cause they kind of expensive.๐Ÿ˜Ž


chief me again,thinking about investing more than a million(all my money) i should sell in the hype right? cause there is high chance there wont be any requirments for rare?


Hey chief, I’ve just found your website the other day and you have inspired me to get into trading. I’ve got 200k rn, and want to know how much of it you recommend I spend on PL UCL rare investments. How confident are you that this will turn into profit, or in other words, how risky is it? Thanks


Ok thanks. How much do you think I should spend? 30-50k?


Hi Chief… do you think Eric dier UCL Card is a good one to invest?


when is the sbc likely to be released?

come on italy

Hi chief, what do u think about Minamino and Gazzaniga?

come on italy

ok thanks chief, gazzaniga was a good opportunity imo


I can’t decide between player moments alex sandro or fut birthday theo hernandez. I was thinking hernandez because he’s a little cheaper, is tradeable, and links to both of the untradable LWs I have, shapeshifter mertens and fut birthday lemar. I’ve heard their both end game left-backs, so who should I get? If Hernandez, when’s the best time to buy, and if Sandro, which I don’t have too much fodder for, when is the best time to buy the fodder?


any target selling price? Guys like Zinchenko are 2.5K already


HI ,
is there any chance i can get notify when u post anything on the website ?
thanks !


So i should invest in UCL rares or normal cards or yeah I don’t understand


What rares ,gold rares or ucl rares?


Are Liga Nos UCL Rares good to invest since Porto may be in the SBC?


I have Erickson but when he was in the spurs( before her went to inter) what should I do with him?


How Much did a buy dier to an sell him


Thank you so much for the tip chief! Bought 80 of those BPL players for like 1k and sold them today for like 2.5k+ each. Although the SBC wasn’t realized yet, the prices went up (maybe cause of the hype?) and I decided to sell earlier.


Do you think that throwback ucl matches sbc may still come tomorrow?