Q & A Tuesday – Week 32

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Is RTTF Ter Stegen a good choice


Fut champs

Sam Arundel

Would it be better to invest in SBC cards like Djene n cilissen or cards who could be tots ?


a player for sniping today?


Do you think the market for icons/meta cards will drop in the coming week(s)? After this weekend I was expecting some kind of drop on monday and tuesday but a lot of high end players are rising again.


Hi chief, I sold Ronaldinho and want to buy PIM Kaka. I know you said that he’d probably be lowest at PL tots but I’m afraid he’s gonna rise for TOTS Red Picks this WL. Or would that not be the case because people will want to buy cheaper meta cards like WBY and Neymar? Thanks, I’m just scared because I’m gonna splash literally all my coins on him, haha


Do you think that informs will drop as much as regular cards? I have Donnarumma’s 87 inform and he is actually worth more than he was when I bought him. Should I sell him or keep?


What is your general thinking about where the market goes over the next few days? I bought PIM Desailly and FBD Griezmann during Saturday’s crash and am trying to pinpoint when the best time to sell may be. I am expecting things to fall significantly as we near PL TOTS, but a lot of people are expecting a small rise leading up to this WL.

Do you have any ideas on when we might see the market peak and valley leading in to PL TOTS?


Sounds like we are thinking the same thing. Is there a day you think the small rise will peak? My guess is Thursday into Friday before the first TOTS shows up in packs.


Hi, I packed inform messi so when would be the best time to sell ?


Hi Chief,

was wondering your thoughts on investing in bruno fernandes gold card.

He is in two possible squads that could be chosen for this weeks totw moments. These squads are totw 34 fifa 19 and totw 33 from fifa 18.



In which player would you invest now and when would you buy the gold and meta players for my team


Hi Chief,
I bought 500k worth of Blind, Lautaro, Lukaku, Higuain and Chiellini.
Is it a good choice of players, and when to sell ? now, Thursday or after TOTSSF ?


Hi Chief!

Last week I had invested in plenty of Spurs/Liverpool/City UCL Rares, and I made a sweet sweet profit when the UCL Throwback SBC dropped last Wednesday (thank you!). I know you encourage selling within the first few hours after the SBC drops so I did just that.

However, I was looking at the prices of those particular UCL Rare cards just now and it seems that their prices all peaked on THURSDAY (the day after the SBC dropped). Some of their prices were peaking at 6K+ on XBox which was well above what I sold the cards at.

So I gotta ask…do you still think it’s best to sell immediately after these SBCs drop? Yes I was happy with my profits last week but I now wish I had held my investments and sold them a day after the SBC.

Thanks man!


hi chief,
do you know if it is possible to pack efl tots in silver and bronze packs?