Q & A Tuesday – Week 34

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Firmino has gone back down 10k to 190 is waiting til Wednesday still the best idea or do I just sell now


What SBC fodder for the BPL guaranteed pack would you suggest we invest in?


he is still 195 do i sell today or wait until tomorrow


Do you recommend buying cheaper players like Upamecano/Sancho before they go OOP? How much do you think they will rise?


what about bundesliga gold rares? if bundesliga 4 rares sbc comes in next monday will they up?


Shall i sell in form investments now like javi Martinez and jarstein? Or are they set to rise even more


Is it worth buying fifa points right now? I recently started playing and have 84 rated 100 chem team, and 66k in coins. What can I do to quickly increase my coins? Most advice I see are for higher rated players that are out of budget, and the SBCs for good players demand a high rated squad.

I do have a fitness squad so I have stopped buying fitness consumables.

Here’s my squad – https://drive.google.com/file/d/14J0ZUse_xXWZfPy_wXoVYO7tvOOOLAuY/view?usp=drivesdk

Any general advice on which players I should get, or to improve the team?

Thank you very much!


Hi chief, for logic the best time to buy epl tots should be thursday when the rewards are on but the price is already very low and I am in division 2 and I can’t see many teams using epl tots, I really got the feeling that everybody is waiting for thursday to buy epl tots. From your experience when is the best time to buy tots now or thursday?


Hi chief price went up and not down.

De bruyne was 2.7 now 3.25
Mane 1.45 now 1.75
Son 1.1 now 1.55
Aguero 1.6 now 1.9
etc. etc.


Yep and they are continuing to rise…screwed me over too as was waiting for Henderson and just had enough cash at his lowest (460ish)….now he’s shot over 600k


In fact now u- to 640k…bloody hell


Big mistake chief BIG mistake we could make millions in few days


Hi chief,

I invested 1 million on Firminos and upon your advice, I will sell on Thursday, my question is when can I buy my team using that investment money?
The market is low now, would it be wiser to sell my firminos now and build my team?


i have invested in 87, 88 and 89 rated players for the sbc on Thursday. What rated team do you think will need for the sbc? 87 rated with totssf or 88 with totssf?


I bought a lot of bundesliga players last week, but they all went down a lot in price. Werner headliners more then 100k for example.
Do you think I should sell them now or keep them?


Do you consider it a good investment to buy maicon, petros and carlos eduardo TOTS to sell them on Thursday?


How likely is it that Serie A is actually coming out this weekend and not BuLi? Cheers


Hi Chief,

Was just wondering when you think the best time to buy shapeshifters CR7 is. He’s dropped from around 2 mil to 1.6 on PS. I have 4.4 million and only need TOTSSF Renato (fingers crossed) alongside this CR7 to make my team work. Reckon he’ll dip into the 1.4’s in the next couple of weeks?


Will fut birthday hazard and griezmann’s price get lower as we get close to TOTS La Liga?


Randell Williams is now under 13k on PS. Do you think he’ll go up eventually?


I packed a tradable TOTS Henderson today! I feel like his price will rise once he is out of packs but I am not positive. When do you think will be the best time to sell?


All those investments everyone told us to invest in like All the 86 87 88 didn’t rise today for the TOTS sbc instead they went down it’s funny cuz only the la Liga 85s 86s 88s 89 went up like Ramos alba Marcelo how come hummels Werner kimmich insigne and other high rated cards go up?


Fair enough I invested I a lot of players you said I have about 100 of hummels kimmich werner insigne muller and TOTS dean Henderson when will they go up like the LA Liga players did and went to sell them


So what should I do with those investments that you said to invest in cuz I put 2 million on them and the transfer list is full did I take a big loss or will they rise later on should I sell now or just wait?


Should I sell them or just wait till Bundesliga comes out and sell them then? And I invested in loads of la Liga gold rare pachecos for 750-850 coins will he go up if la Liga comes out today?

Fut improver

Thank you so much for advice re UCL and German players. I’ve made 800k profit this week so far. 99 rated KDB before the end of the month hopefully. Keep up the amazing work, thank you.

Fut improver

I spent a lot on Dortmund players just above discard and made a nice profit last night on the marquee matchup. Hoping to do the same next week with the same strategy. Thanks again

FUT Improver

I bought my normal 50, knowing I can blast them in a couple of hours. Bought all for less than 1k so if I don’t sell, discard at 650 for minimal loss. Profits made far outweigh the loss of a couple I can’t sell. Had 5 left this morning so good business.


Hi chief, shall I sell my tots Robertson before tonight because of the expected upgrade packs or shall I hold fire until Friday?


Firmino still going down, he’s at 190k now, sell now or wait til Friday


Hi chief,
Muller, Werner and Kimmich are all down in price, still time to invest in them?


Hey Chief, do you think rashford tots will be at a higher price today/tomorrow. Or next Thursday/Friday once he’s out of packs. Looking to sell him.

Please let me know. Thanks in advance mate.


Hi. I want to buy giovinco for WL is it best to buy him now or at like midnight tonight or early tomorrow morning? Thanks