Investment: Inform Halstenberg

Player:ย Halstenberg

Position4/5CBs perform well in comparison to other positions
Nation4/5Good German Links
League4/5Good BuLi Links
Club4/5Good Leipzig links
ROI Potential3/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
Risk5/5Low risk as he discards for ~ 10k
Upcoming Events4/5BuLi POTM next week could increase his value
Overall Rating4.0/5

Target BUY: XBOX 11k PS4 11k PC 11.5k

Target SELL:ย Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity. 15k is a decent exit. List for lazies in the meantime.



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Should I buy Klosterman for 26? Will he keep his value before the first weekend league? Love the content chief!


Hey chief How long do you reckon he’ll take to rise to 15 k


Hi Chief,

Is it time to jump ship and count the losses for Chilwell and Telles?

I have a ton of those cards and still waiting for them to rise


about my berghuis’s selling, i got a stroke of luck from marquee matchups and dutch players, so i have sold all 24 for 200 coins profit on each (i couldnt sell for any more because it was just lazies buying) Thanks!


Hey chief I packed otw Nathan ake, I donโ€™t watch PL so idk how good he is, keep or sell?


Hi Futchief!
Thanks a lot for all the great advice and info!
I packed De Bruyne in a 2 players pack, first time I pack soemthing this big, it’s going to help a lot. How long do you think until is value starts to drop sharply (400k on PC atm)?
Thank you!


Ok thank you chief, will do!


Ciao Chief
Already sold some of these IF – thanks.
Question: based on your experience best ROI with IF is when they are in packs or after they are out?
Thanks for tips


brought a load of the base gold halstenberg at sub 2000. now selling for 4000. sell or will they still rise? when is the Bundesliga POTM announced?


chief if felipe anderson go out of packs before day 17(next porto game) u think he still rise to like 25k??


ive heard a rummor it would be next friday in otw 2 but its not 100% trustworthy


i have been buying him for 12k, is that still worth it?


where are the investment recommendations?


i just signed up to your gold package anyway so having a look round, fed up of buying fifa points and getting no returns


Hi Chief, when do you think will be the best time to sell? I want to build my squad for WL and got like 20 Halstenbergs, so wondering if it is worth to cash out at 13.500 or hold for 2 more days at 15.000.


When do you Think it is time to sell Halstenberg?


WOW. All i can say is WOW


Is halstenberg still a good investment as there as been very little movement in his price and the ROI is fairly low Chief?


Okay just ive had multiple listed many times and hes been the least likely to sell out of all investments, maybe just me. Thanks