30 in 30: ROI Potential

30 in 30 is a series of 30 investing and trading tips, 1 posted each day over the course of September leading up to the FIFA 21 release in October. Below is a list of the tips we have seen already.

  1. TOTW Investing
  2. OOP TOTW Golds
  3. SBC Gems
  4. Perfect Positions
  5. Frequent Acronyms
  6. EA Tax
  7. ROI Potential

Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. It calculates the percentage gained or lost on any given purchase. The formula for determining ROI is as follows:

For example, say you buy a gold Acerbi for 3k. You sell him for 6k. Considering the EA tax we covered yesterday, your current value of the investment is 5.7k.

Again, you can always use the profit calculator on the website here.

It is important to note that cheaper investments tend to yield a higher ROI than their more expensive counterparts. If you have 100k, mass investing in 100 cards at 1,000 coins a piece will typically earn you more than investing in 1 card at 100k.

That being said, it takes a lot more legwork to buy and sell 100 cards, so often times people with higher budgets prefer buying more expensive players that have higher individual profits.