Investment: Inform Hinteregger

Player: Inform Hinteregger

Position4/5Midfielders don't perform as well as other positions
Nation3/5Average Austrian Links
League4/5Good BuLi Links
Club3/5Average Frankfurt thanks
ROI Potential3/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
Historial Trends5/5Informs have been required for SBCs frequently thus far
Risk5/5Quick sells for ~ 10k, so low risk
Overall Rating3.9/5

Target BUY: XBOX 12.5k PS4 12.5k PC 12.5k

Target SELL: Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity. List for lazies in the meantime. 15k is a decent exit.



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Jonathan Mindegaard

Will milinkovic-savic rise again? Or should I just take my loss?

Jonathan Mindegaard

So sell and maybe buy Hinteregger if?


Will Van de Beek rise? Bought them for 13,5k when he was 15k… now he is 9k?


Hi Chief, I got 1 Havertz for 123k, 2 van de Beek for 13k each, and this inform for 13k. Also got Partey (gold arsenal) for 95k. When do you reckon is the best time to sell all these? Thanks!

Edit: got a loss of about 12k on one van de Beek. Was trying to list for 15k from the app but instead listed for 1.5k … Sigh

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Gueil Dada

hintereger was price 15K ?

gust vandermeersch

When do I sell him


Hi Chief,

I only have 10k in my bank for now, should I stick to low budget quick flips like min BIN on Silver and non-rare gold? Do you suggest me to get maybe 1 or 2 of HINTEREGGER as investment?


Correction: 100k budget I got.


Hey Chief,
Packed Baby Desailly. Thinking to sell & reinvest?


Should i keep or sell otw partey, i don’t play with him. Do you think he will rise in price?


Hey Chief,

I still have five Halstenberg IF, right now he’s selling for around 14k.
Should I keep him or sell and reinvest?

Greetings SchepperMaster


I had the team for 700k and the price are Going down really quick now, i think i might sell the whole squad to not loose all my money, but when do you think the market will go stable


Hey Chief,i ve invested 6.4 mil in Sane for 108k average,what should i do now..?..


How the f*** did you get 6.4mil


Hi chief,
I know you’re getting the same question over and over but people are panicking over Sane and Havertz.
Do you advise to hold onto them for longer or just cut the losses


Just packed OTW Thiago on pc. He is now around 100k, but his price yesterday and the day before that was 150+ as far as I can see. Should I sell now or wait a while?


Hi chief. Partey. Athletico card. Losing money on now. Worth or keeping. Have enough coins to invest without selling he’s 15k


Yo am looking to heavily invest about 100k

Aleksa Dodić

Hey chief, will Haaland go up in price? I bought him for 55k

Aleksa Dodić

Oh ok, thanks chief😀


Hey Chief,

I’m holding on to about ten Porto Telles cards, how many days do you think it will be until they rise in price?



Hey chief, off-topic but what are your thoughts on investing 83s/84s for a potential OTW sbc? Thanks


Hi Chief

I have invested about 150k in Ostergaard at 3k and about 75k in Van De Beek at 13,5k. When would you recommend to sell these players? I would like to liquidate, in able to invest in mm for Thursday if possible.

Thanks in advance


Hey Chief,

The Market is acting weird right now.

Sane, VDB, Thiago All Out of Packs but dipping quite hard.

Do you think they will recover?