Investment: Jonathan David

After two OTW players got into TOTW 3 (Ødegaard and Partey) and three OTW players got into TOTW 4 (Werner, Florenzi, Osimhen), I think much of the community will begin gambling on these. We can take advantage by buying early and selling in the hype before the match to make a profit.

I like David more than other OTW options because:

  1. He goes out of packs today at 6pm, meaning no more supply
  2. He is an attacker, and they rise in the hype more than others
  3. He is cheap at 15k, meaning he has a better ROI potential

Three options for selling:

  1. Before the starting XI is announced (low risk, low reward)
  2. After the starting XI is announced (4pm UK), but before kickoff (medium risk, medium reward)
  3. After kickoff (high risk, high reward)



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osimen is also good, but hell get a IF today. But still, it is looking like he will have a good season

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Hello Cheif, hard to snipe at 15k he worth buying for 17k plus?


when to buy?


Hello Chief, as a general rule investing in cheap players either discard price IF’S i.e Siggurdson, Giroud, Hintergger or higher rated but very cheap IF’S such as gulacsi day or two before they exit packs then hold for 1-4 weeks how does this work as an investment.

As Im not the best or the biggest fan of sniping and have bought 60 barca/madrid players but still have over a million in coins?


I’m just struggling to find enough investments without leaving too much capital un utilised, occasionally trading icons when I see suitable prices but overall needing more investments


icons seem to be cheap today, just a low day or should the prices return to normal? talking about veron, lampard and raul well bellow the average prices, is the market starting to drop or is it just a low day.

Thanks again for all the advice Chief


I see you said pateron charges on the day you sign up and the 1st of the month. Would this mean if I sign up on the first I would get charged twice, I’ve never used pateron before.


What do you reckon he will rise to pre game? Worth putting in 300k in him at 16k


Hello Chief, the hourly graph of osimenh of today shows, that his price started to raise considerably
before the totw4 has been announced. Is there a leak/website where totw4 has been posted?


Dear futchief, i started Fifa today and I have 60k, in your opinion it’s too late to invest ?


Hi Chief,

I have bought 5 of them at 16k. Worth to save them or sell now?



I decided to risk it and wait for starting lineup to come out for David and he’s on the bench. When should I sell him?