Investment: Inform Florenzi

Player:Β Inform Florenzi

Position5/5Fullback perform better than any other positions
Nation4/5Good Italian Links
League4/5Good Ligue 1 Links
Club5/5Great PSG links
ROI Potential3/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
In-Game Usability4/5Fodder aren't typically usable in game, but he is
Risk5/5Quick sells for ~ 10k, so low risk
Overall Rating4.3/5

Target BUY: XBOX 13k PS4 13k PC 13k

Target SELL: Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity. List for lazies in the meantime. 16k is a decent exit.



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Hey chief managed to pack mid drogba, should i sell him now or would waiting be better?


Hey chief what about david? I got Some at the target price, sell or keep?


Hey chief, how much cards should we buy ?


Hey Chief, been sniping and flipping this guy since you mentioned him in the stream earlier this week! Also wanted to ask when would be the best time to sell my IF Yedder and buy IF Rashford? Cheers


Got yedder for 430 so gonna hold until I can break even or take a small loss. Also would it be a good idea to get Rashford tonight during SB rewards? Cheers

Ben Tom Joy

hey chief, I just packed haaland… his lowest bin is 28000 atm which is massively less than his inital 100k+ bin. It prolly wont rise that much but do you reckon its better to hold him for now and sell later or you reckon now is a better time to sell?


There are better investments which could give you more coins. So I would sell

Ben Tom Joy

Do you think IF Thomas Muller would be a good investment for around 23k? 87 rated with german and bundesliga links???

keagan moore

Chief what are your thoughts on bamford, he is at 4k. He scored a hat trick yesterday ? Worthy investment ?


Hey chief, why did Keylor Navas rise to 30k BIN on PC?


My bad. There was some bug on futbin I think


hello, Florenz doesn’t seem to go up, when do you think he will start going up?


Hi chief. Worth it at 13750


When will he be out of packs? how much do you expect him to rise?


He should start to rise soon? he has not gone up in price as of yet from my investment


Hi chief,

On Friday I packed a whole lot of low rated golds, any idea when to sell them?