Q & A Tuesday – Week 7

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Holding a bunch of Gold Atletico Partey right now, but he hasn’t budged from 9.5 K. Do you see him going up more or would it be better to cut and run?

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Best time to buy icone to flip? I m starting ti watch the icone trending more closely


Hey chief, people are predicting renato Sanchez to be in the RTTF, however his inform already has 83 pace (which is shown in the loading screen), do you think that he will be included in the RTTF and if so, what impact will that have on his inform’s price?


So would you sell now and buy back once he’s released?


Should we start to invest renato, how would we go about doing that?


As in the rttf should we invest in that card or will there be any profits around any of his cards in the coming days.


Hey Chief!
do you think players like Messi (~660k) or in general high rates Playern like mane or de Brunnen will fall more and more in the price or do you think they will balance and hold the price for a while or maybe grow up.
The question ist just because I want to buy Messi for the next wl and I would like to have the best price.

thanks in advance


Hello Chief,

I got Mid Scholes as I’m interested to play with the card. With the upcoming icon sbc and swaps, should I sell him now and buy him later or the price won’t change that much?


Hi Chief,

Would cheap high rated PL players be a good investment for the upcoming PL POTM?


kane and lloris


Why them?


What do you think of wan bissaka? Bought 20 ish on PS4 with shadow for 5k. Im guessing he will do well since he is -meta -cheaper than usually -links with upcoming bruno fernandes TOTW, POTM Kane. Hoping to sell them off at 9k ish on thursday 1 pm


Hi chief. I’ve had a few attempts at sniping but not had much luck so far. What time of day is best to have more success? Cheers.


Hi Chief

I have bought about 10 dumfries for 21 k on Friday. I am considering two strategies for selling. Either:

1. Selling today in the hype before EL RTTF with hope that no great links releases and I can rebuy.

2. Holding for today and even maybe for possible promes Friday


Good Afternoon Big Chief,

I just bought 80 Elyounoussi’s for 450/500 in case he makes TOTW. Do you think his value will increase much?


Hi chief I bought a rashford as an investment should I sell him now and take the lost or should I wait?


hello Chief,
I want to buy the RTTF salah. when do you think is a good time to get him, Thu at rewards time? also, do you think his price would go higher after he is OOP?


Want UCL live Zakaria for my team. When do you think his bottom will be?


Hey Chief,

i want to buy and build a Team around UCL Live Muriel. Does it makes sense to buy him now, keeping Black Friday in mind?


Will Marcos Llorente Rulebreaker rebound?


Is it safe to say the next Ligue1 POTM will drop after the current one (Ibrahima Niane) ends in 11 days?


I see. Tomorrow through Friday should be a good moment to buy 83s, 84s, 85s, for fodder you reckon?


Good Morning Chief,

Do you think Marcos Llorente will rise in price while OOP. His price has dropped from 3k to 2k since yesterday so I am thinking to invest as he is a popular card.

Matthew Scott Robinson

Ollie watkins is at 80k right now will he go up or down as i want him for my team


Morning Chief,

Any investment tips for for Ligue 1 POTM?