Q & A Tuesday – Week 17

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Too late to get in on the Ben yedder and insigne train this week?


Hey chief! Typically looking at graphs suggest cheapest time to buy OOP specials is just b4 toty promo, however that was helped with WL sell off and when TOTY was on monday. Looking at this year theres more reasons for TOTY to start this friday, considering thats the case, what wud u suggest the cheapest time to buy is ? Considering Thursday is when market usually starts to rise


When do i sell Barella, Insigne, Yedder, Ndombele etc?

Marvin Kome

Once TOTW.comes out and a player goes out of packs. Will listing the player be a guaranteed sale?

Marvin Kome

At what price range would it be an almost guaranteed sale?


Hi Chief! What’s your look on Kjaer and Alvaro? Seem to be pretty cheap atm and both tend to rise in price quite steaply when needed in SBCs. With Milan – Atalanta and Monaco – Marseille this weekend (no Serie A and Ligue 1 in current matchups), I’m considering to invest in them for MM.


Hi Chief, my first post here! I invested in a few Insigne and he’s currently at 19k, should I wait until tomorrow after totw is out or sell already? I bought at 18k so my profit is very minimal. Also Thoughts on when to sell Hinteregger? should I wait for the match or is he over-invested already? Also thoughts on Nesyri, should I sell tomorrow or Thursday? he is still not rising :/

Ciaran McGowan

Hi Chief, what would you say is your most effective way of making coins atm, sniping/ investing etc?.

Ciaran McGowan

Is cbp used on a pc/laptop or can it be used on mobile phone ?

nowet nowet

Hi Chief !
Bruno Fernandes head is a good long term invest ?

Big Man 45

Hey chief what’s your take on Mike Maignan 84 IF only 18k French GK and Ligur POTM only a few days away would it be worth an investment? Cheers


You Think there Will be content tonight that makes if Mee go up in price. He’s gone down to 15 k


But wait and see for content tonight?


When is the best time to buy the “current” totw during toty release?


current as in the totw out tomorrow


Does this change depending on which players are out e.g midfielders, defenders/full team. Or if just attackers come out will that be good enough pack supply.

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Hi Chief!

I´m looking to buy IF Messi when tots comes out/is announced as a part of my team. Would you say this is an OK investment, or do you think he will continue dropping?


Thanks! So buying as TOTY comes out would be best bet?


When to buy neymar and mbappe, will maybe fall, as they might be in packs for toty? Could also rise if going oop for toty

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When to buy the TOTW 17s? Heard they go up a lot


Ok, thanks!


Hi Chief

Subscriber here and first time posting. Firstly, thanks for your work. As a 9-5 worker and full time dad I have little time for hobbies but with your guidance I have started really enjoying trading in the little spare time I may get in the evenings.

I, like many, am currently watching the meta cards fall (Rashford, Kante, Varane etc) and am wondering if there is still the oportunity to flip these or if perhaps sales are too infrequent now and I may end up stuck with them and having to break even or take a loss. Thanks in advance.


Zlatan in totw. What do you think?


Failing that I would say at 83 and Serie A he looks like good SBC fodder either way


RB douglas costa a good investment for TOTY?


Yes, because of links. Right now I have 200k, if I sell costa I can buy alaba. What do you think I should do? Keep or swap?


Should I invest in Milan and Athletico players for the upcoming Marquee Matchups?


Hey chief! Can you explain what is CBP? Can u explain how to do it and why it works etc. I have no idea what it is. Keep up the great work as always!


do you think that Bruno TOTGS will drop after his toty release ?


Hey Chief,when to buy players like R9(94) and R10(91)?And when to buy PL META players just like manes spcial cards rashfords special cards?TY Bro, Cheers!!!


Well,lowest day is Monday at last year,which is the first day of TOTY.I cann’t understand market of this year Siriously ,Can U explain to me ?Thanks bro


Thanks chief!!!


And,what I think is ,so many people delay the rewards of Thursday to Saturday.


When to buy record breaker sancho and neymar for my WL team? looking to buy on sunday around 6pm at the latest