Investment: Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen just received a MOTM card, so his gold card will be out of packs for a week. He he a good rating and club for SBCs, and I expect him to rise over the course of the week similar to how Lukaku has in the past when going out of packs.

Christian Eriksen: PS4 15k XBOX 15k PC 17k

List for lazies and sell before he returns to packs next Friday, February 5th. A profit of 3-5k would be solid.



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Wouldn’t EA just update his PR like they did with Lukaku?


Like, if we were to buy Eriksen for 15K, and if he went extinct ( it happened with Lukaku) , they updated Lukaku s PR which for me , caused some losses. So is there a possibility that
1. He goes extinct ( rises 12K )
2. If he does, they update his PR?


Not related to this investment, but SIF Ben Yedder price is going down. You think we take the hit or should we wait as he might bounce up later?


I bought Cuadrado IF for 108k and now there is no one left in the market. What happened? Should I sell him for 230k?


Thank you!


Chief of Bayern wins when will he get his upgrade?



mahmoud belal

I bought headliner goretzka for 740… they won but despite that a sharp drop from 780 to 670 happened during the match.. now he rebounded to 700.. could he rise again when the upgrade happen.. should i wait to wednesday and flip on thursday


Hey Chief, what do you recommend doing with all the tradeable fodder I have from my saved TOTY packs (any recommendations for untradeables are welcome as well). I’ve got a few in forms (84 Elvedi and 76 Hosiner) as well as a bunch of gold rares (80 and below–I got impatient and listed/sold the 83-81s), a few gold non rares, and silvers (rare and non-rare). I’m thinking about just selling off all the tradeable stuff except for gold non-rares (I was planning to use those for the league upgrade packs since gold non rares won’t go for much making these sbcs more worth it than the premium league upgrades). In terms of untradeables I was going to put all of my gold non-rares and my gold-rares 80 and below (maybe even 81 or 82) into those sbcs since they won’t be usable for the better sbcs anyway. What do you think? Maybe do you recommend different SBCs to use low rated cards in? Maybe should I wait till the amrket rises a bit again to sell those gold rares?

Thanks in advance for even reading all of this lol :)


Hey chief I bought a bunch at 14k on PS4 and he’s already up like 4.5k. You think hold longer or take the profit? Thanks in advance!


Hi Chief,

What to do with Criscito IF?


Hey Chief! Eriksen really quickly raised by 2k, but hasn’t raised since? Do you still Think he Will go more up in Price?


Chief he rised 3 k should I sell ?