Q & A Tuesday – Week 20

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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any suggestion for this week totw 20 gold invest, chief?


which cards should I try to snipe now with a small budget under 30k?

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Any suggestions? This is how I play, not how the team starts. Using 433 with 99 in chem as start.

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Yes, he is a beast.
Don’t really know where his best position is. He could easily switch with Dybala.
Maybe switch to another formation where Rooney is mot central.

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Farhana Arriyani

with future stars going oop is it a good idea to invest in them, particularly the lower price like Isak?


I have 300k. What’s the best way to trade? I want to double my budget.


PSG are on 1 win and they’re going playing Niece who they should beat. You think it’ll be worth buying rafinha headliner and selling in the hype leading up to the Monaco game?


When should I go for the equalizer… Harvey Barnes for my team? He just keeps dropping in price so far, I’m in no rush also. Thanks chief


Chief should I invest on lunin FS , because he will get strong link with if varane!?


Sell last totw like bamford and debuchy this week or next week?


Hi Chief, thoughts in Ocampos Motm, should I hold his cards or should i cut my losses?


I have around 2.3 mill on PC, what types of cards should I invest in?


hi chief

i flip icons and need a hint please to improve myself. when you buy an icon you consider its price fluctuation within 1 week only or a bit more like 10-14 days? is 7 enough to get under the lowest mark? what’s your thoughts on that? how many days you consider as good? thank you. you’re the best.

Ed Lim

Hi Chief, i have bought some base Alba last week before his MOTM card came out for around 32k each. Sold one of them for 42k yesterday. Knowing that his base card will be back today, should i list them for a low price to prevent further loss or keep them for any potential rise?


Hey Chief, stuck between two trains of thought. Need a good Man City CB to pair with my Moments stones, that leaves Laporte (RB) or potentially Ruben Dias (FS – Fri 18:00). If I were to buy Laporte now, would he rise if Dias was released due to the links or fall due to the increased competition?


Hey Chief, I just packed future stars Neuhaus. He’s currently at around 180k, do you think I should hold until he’s out of packs?


chief do you think icons will rebound after prime moments realease? i have some baby icons stuck here around 2 days… they had drop a bit.