22 for 22: Luiz Suarez

22 for 22 is a series of 22 investing/trading highlights from FIFA 21, 1 posted each day over the course of September leading up to the FIFA 22 web app release on September 22nd. Reviewing these will help aspiring FIFA traders learn about the ins and outs of the FUT market and remind veterans of what they already know. Below is a list of the investments we have looked at already.

  1. Luis Suarez (October 8th, 2020)

Bought for: XBOX 35k PS4 27.5k PC 35k

Highest price: XBOX 50k PS4 47k PC 64k

Profit: XBOX 12.5k PS4 17.5k PC 27k

ROI: XBOX 36% PS4 65% PC 74%

Reasoning for Investment: Out of packs gold cards are among my favorite investment looks, especially at the beginning of the year. The lack of supply of cards early on often causes for some hefty price increases. In the case of Luis Suarez from last year, his time in packs was even shorter than usual.

Gold Suarez wasn’t in packs during the first week from September 30th to October 7th due to being in TOTW 1. Then, he went out of packs again on October 9th for OTW Team 1, giving him only 48 hours of supply.

This same TOTW 1/OTW situation happened with Frenkie de Jong in FIFA 20 and João Cancelo in FIFA 19. In those instances their prices skyrocketed, so it was no surprise that the Luis Suarez investment did so well in FIFA 21. You can be sure that we will be eyeing similar investments to this in a few weeks!


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So,which players would be good again in FIFA22, bro?