Subscriber-Only Investment

One of your fellow subscribers has some intel on promotions. He knew who was going to be in TOTW 2, and now he knows who is going to be in OTW Team 1.

OTW Team 1 golds will go out of packs from October 9th to 16th. Historically, they rise nicely while OOP. Here are the ones I’m interested in:

  • Allan: XBOX 65k PS4 75k PC 75k
  • Suarez: XBOX 35k PS4 27.5k PC 35k*
  • Partey: XBOX 19k PS4 19k PC 21k
  • Telles: XBOX 7.5k PS4 7.5k PC 9k
  • Osimhen: XBOX 1.5k PS4 1.5k PC 1.5k

*Only in packs for 2 days due to being in TOTW 1.

Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity. Historically, they rise gradually while OOP, but you should be able to get a quick turnaround if you sell on Friday after OTW Team 1 is revealed.



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Thank you fellow subscriber


Most prices are lower right now on ps4. What do you recommend? Buy them for bin they are now?


Hey chief.
Would you recommend to sell If Fati for + – 0 profit to invest in some of those or do you think the fati will get me more profit over time?


so Partey for 27k and Telles for 11.5k (like on the Gold Transfers post) aren’t good investments?
(I’m on PC btw)


What would be the best time to sell these and what kind of profit do you expect?


Buy or sell Ben Yedder if?


Hi chief! Do you expect player prices to recover and rise towards WL next week or should we look to off-load? (Richarlison, ASM, Militao, Diego C)


thanks! great advice as usual!


Do you think IF Haaland is a good shout? Have Ben yedder in my Bundesliga squad w a weak link to Coman. Think selling Ben Yedder and buying Haaland plus freeing up some investment coins is a good call?


Sorry for the double post. New to the system. Enjoying it lots so far. Thanks.

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Have IF Ben Yedder. Want to sell and feee up coins for investment, only thing is he’s down to 388k. Feel like it’s panic selling but felt the same way when he was at 410k, and now I wish I’d taken the coins. Should’ve joined before making investments. Lol. Next year. Thanks for the help.