Q & A Tuesday – Week 7

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Is it smart to sell your main team before big events like black friday?

fady romany

i want to make fast coins who should i buy and sell for good profit


should i hold cuadrado or just sell him now at 3.9k


and will reece james’ gold card which is now at 950 coins go up?


Hi, Futchief. When is it better to sell Mane and Neymar, today or wait for the fut champions start? Thanks.


Ive got a bunch of OTW Malen and Saul. When would you sell? Im currently looking at about 3k per saul and 5k per malen.


How to avoid losing coins on players like messi. Should i sell on some point before the market crashes or do i just go with the flow?


Would it be profitable to sell my team at 1,5 million now, and wait 10 days, before buying it back


Hey chief, i dont really understand why black friday has anything to do with the market? could you explain please? and when will upgrades begin to come out?


I believe that there will be promo packs, leading people to sell their teams and panic. There will also be a promo, most likely


uprgades such as player upgrades e.g rttk upgrades


will there be rttk upgrades?


Hey chief, I have two Mukiele rttk cards…will he rise ? Or shud I sell him?


Hi, when will new sniping filters come?

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txh for answer


Should i invest in Correa even though he’s currently sitting at 26-27k? or is it too late?


I have a few RTTK Vidal that I got for 55k. Already up a fair bit. When would you recommend selling?


The match is against sheriff though and a win would mean they already have two. Is there any value waiting for the potential double upgrade or is it best to not risk it?


Hi chief, what do you think about Trent Rulebreaker at 215K? Considering the lack of right backs in the premier league and what happened to Robertson when going OOP. Cheers.

Ry Ry

Any sense in keeping a TOTW Suarez or will he drop soon?


I picked up some diabys at 90k on pc. Do you think he’d bounce back after being OOP??


Hi Chief,

Do you know when’s roughly the best time usually to sell teams before black Friday and promo days?



OTW Saul 26k on pc at the moment. He’ll get an upgrade soon without a doubt. Any price predictions? Btw if Chelsea wins 10 out of 10 league games, will he get upgraded twice?


Thanks. One more question. Does it make any sense to invest in some Ligue 1/PSG fodders since Mbappe sbc is coming?


Hello Chief! What do you think about Isak’s special card? Should get atleast one upgrade.


Thanks for your reply Chief!

James Cox

Lukaku OTW 325k a good buy as hwill


Is it? His gold card(88) is like 20-25k, like 300k extea for the otw(89 soon) sounds expensive