Q & A Tuesday – Week 8

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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should I sell cant now or wait?




Will market rebound upcoming days?


I bought a RB Trent for 180k because i’m hoping the POTM is salah and therefore trent’s price will go up. Do i have the right thinking or should i sell before a big drop that i haven’t thought about?


I guess you should sell before the weekend. I don’t think RB Trent will rise more than that. I guess it will fall soon enough pretty bad.


Trent will rise, after release POTM Salah. Market crash is over


Any Set 2 Rulebreakers that are of interest to pick up for investment?


Like Correa or even cheaper?


When to buy vinicus 2nd if?


Thank you lad


Hey Chief, i have nearly 100 Gold IF from TOTW1 to the current TOTW. ATM i could sell them with 200-300 profit. Do you think they increase in the next days/weeks even more or take the Profit and look for other Invests?


Hello Chief,

I invested heavily on If Correa, I could’ve sold at 13k but I didn’t.

Should I hold longer?


This Trent continues to drop. Any chance for a rebound. ATM it looks like a loss of about 25k


When to sell inform Müllers? Since no supply in 88 IF is given till wednesday, a good time to sell should be before 6pm wednesday? Or hold longer, but if in the next TOTW are 88 IFs and there are Rivals Season rewards on the horizont, they should drop?


When do you think Correa IF will reach the 2-3k profit?



Eugenus Rex

Probably some point next week when he’s out of packs and in the hype before an SBC release. He rose to 13,500 in the half hour before the Icon SBC release yesterday so will likely do as much again with a more limited supply.


Thanks for reply!

What seems to be the issue with Correa IF for the moment is that the fodder is so expensive so its more price efficient to buy a 85 IF for 14-15k since the gold85 and gold 84 differs more than 3k. So if there is 85IF for 15k, Correa wont be worth more than 12k.

Lets hope for some SBC that req a TOTW and the team-rating of 84 or bellow soon then!

Eugenus Rex

Yh, it’s kind of mad how I’ve only been playing this FIFA for about 10 days but already have a team full of 87 rated players. The market just seems very limp this year. That said, the market’s been extremely volatile for the past few days so I still think Correa is a secure bet considering 11.5k is practically his discard value anyway and he’s bound to rise (even if it’s by just a little bit).

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I put one solution up for Correa in the Zaniola-SBC on futbin.Its the cheapest one for the moment, so it might help abit atleast.


Do you think OTW Alaba is a good look?


When Should i sell my team it was worth around 2 million coins but probably not now with this market.


Good morning, I am new to investing and am kind of confused to be honest. What do you look for when investing in players? Also I currently have 100k coins, who do you recommend I invest in? Thank you so much, have a great day!

Zheer A.

there are rumors that the Liberatadores league SBC will not be released. Do you know anything about that?


Hey chief, I have 1m to spare..is it good idea to invest in couple of icons for time being? Will they rise over time?


What do you think of Davies rullbreakers? Hold or sell now?


Hi Chief, not sure if you’re still replying to the Q&A Tuesday but Im currently holding some Diop’s and Gravs. Do you think its best to sell in todays hype or will they rise after upgrades?


Hi Chief,
Is there any way to make coins between 8AM and 4PM? The market is pretty dead during that period and I’m just wondering if there is any safe way to gather more ressources. Thanks!


Hi chief, what do you think about useable 83-86 such as dembele, rashford, kimpembe, etc for investment?


Hey chief, wanna buy a Full meta Team for around 2 mil.(messi, cr7, kante) in 3-7 days.
Do you think they will still Fall?

As I remember, the crash before the Real crash on Black friday is the best time to buy.
Thank you