Q & A Tuesday – Week 9

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Gundogan isn’t in the TOTW9 predictions, is there a chance he will make it? Or should we sell him?


Hi Chief,

Would you buy 85โ€™s at 6k?


Do you think there will be a sbc that requires a Numbersup player? Any point buying Neuhaus at 11k?


Thought about investing in RTTK Vidal? And maybe also a price prediction after upgrade?


I have a massive loss on my squad (ginola bought at 2 mil, mbappe at 1.7, kante at 500k) I don’t find myself good at the game and want to play with less expensive players and invest. When should I sell?


Who should i invest in rn? 100k budget


Top buys is the answer 90% of the time.


Hello, regular over-buyer here, have 45 Gundogan’s (caught at 6.8k to 7.1k on PC), the profit margin mentioned (~1k) should I list for 8k or is it based on the lowest platform (e.g. PS shows 6.5k so sell at 7.5k across all platforms)

Kieran Leech

I’ve got 120k and can’t decide where to start with the trading any recommendations? I bought into the upa otw and waiting till Friday for that.


Where do I find these Top Buys, Chief? I’m new around here, sorry =/


Thoughts on getting in on a few RTTK players that are 2 wins away from upgrading and have easier matches this weekend (Alaba, Ramos, Dumfries, Grealish, Wijnaldum, Hakimi) and selling in the hype leading up to the next game


What do you mean haven’t pumped?


Hmmm. Alright. They haven’t seemed to pop yet based on the price graphs so I may take a chance


What’s the best tip you can give to someone with 620k. I am an amateur when it comes to trading …


I have Harry kane in my club that I’m looking to sell but it looks like he will get an inform this week. He is at 44k lowest bin, should I hold until he is oop?


I want top buy the new Jota. When is the best time? Do you think he will be cheaper tomorrow after rivals rewards?


What about investing in rb diaby and rttk mukiele since Nkunku bundesliga potm is coming? If barella and rttk tonali rose nicely due to insigne sbc.


When is it a good idea to sell ones to watch cards? I noticed a dip today


Just packed van dijk, should I hold onto him for an investment or sell now


Quick 20k profit picked up 700 coins like 20 mins ago all sold


I Got inform Clauss with Shadow on for 13750 should i sell him


i got him last week on xbox he was down to around 14k


Hi Chief! When should i buy my team? (3 mln coins: Neymar, CR7, Messi etc.) Right before BF?


I want to get RTTK Rodrygo for my squad but I’m not sure best time to buy him. It seems almost certain he’ll get two upgrades at this point so I know his price is kinda inflated right now. Do you think he’ll go down after the upgrade (since people won’t be investing in him), go up, or stay the same?


Also any idea why SIF Vinicius’s price tanked?


I have a few investments right now. When do you think is the best time to sell?

RB Barkhuizen
OTW Ramos
OTW Alaba
OTW Grealish