Q & A Tuesday – Week 3

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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I have been a reader for a loooooooong time, never commented before, i appreciate the work you do, i would like to ask some questions.

When you go hunting for potential profit targets, what are the signs to look for, that help you identify you that this is profitable potential, and what are the best days to buy cards off of market in hopes for making a profit, last but not least, i don’t get much time on actual game itself to sit and go for snips, is there any effective method to use on Web App at work.

Highly appreciate you, and your work.
Best Regards.


do you use it? have you heard of any ban cases?


hey chief, when should i sell my milinkovic savic’s?


Hi, i’m newbie player of fifa and i’m very intrested in market. Do you have any good tips for PC market users?


Because el classico in on in a week and a half and it has never not featured as the headliner in mm and considering now the golds from both teams are extremely cheap would now be a good time to invest in some to sell just before mm comes out next week? thanks


Hi Chief, should I keep Dybala’s OTW card?


Thought OTW value would increase once they’re no longer in packs ? I got Tchouameni, you would advice to sell now ?


Hey Chief, was looking at 88 owen as a player I would use in my team and investment on the long run. The guy is not even 400k and his stats are insane, what are your thoughts?


Hi, i want to join your «club» so i can Get more investments tips but was wondering if it is 5 dollar per month or for a longer time. I am from norway so sorry for bad english.

Philip Johnson

Hey there would you sell or hold the totw saliba card?


Hi chief, when to buy Nunez OTW?


Hi, how do you think about a card like otw gabriel jesus as an long term invest, picked him up when he was 240 k and his card is almost a guarenteed 2 time upgrade. Thanks in advance!

Mike C

Hi Chief. Do you think Gold Nunez is worth buying as an investment if I can get under 20k (on console)? It seems he keeps rising possibly due to the upcoming weekend league…


time for nunez was like 3-4 days ago when he was 12-13k , not anymore

Philip Johnson

Hi one other question! Would otw touchameni be a good investment seeing as he’s french and plays for real madrid? What do you see his value increasing to down the road?


do you know any trading methods that involve grinding? and not only on long-term investments


Hey Chief, im gonna sell my team so I can make more money off of investing. Got players like llorente, nkunku, militoa, kounde, de jong, neuer en davies. What would be the best time to sell?


I bought 20 De ligt for 11000 you think hes gonna rise? i bought him cause i seen the effect of Nunez being out of packs

So far hes on 11500, you think he will reach 13.000 before otw is out of packs?


I wanna do valverde SBC, But hes 240k. You think its gonna be cheaper when RTTK leaks come out? If so, by how much?


Hey I have nunez who I bought for 17k and he’s now going for 20k should I sell or wait


Sell before Nunez is back in packs

hes only this expensive because he is out of packs, his OTW card is in packs for now.

Im not too sure when otw ends, but sell before that because hes gonna drop.


What are you investing in or making quick trades on?


Hello chief
I was wondering if CBP this year would include heroes in addition to icons as I see they can be of the same concept this year ?


I have 70k right now, is there anything worth investing in at this moment


Got about 520k coins with trading to spare. How would you invest? Icons? Already got 10 Milinkovics, but got a feeling the market is slow atm and will generally drop in the next couple of days.