Investment: FC Pro Makengo & Cavaleiro

Our FC Pro Koulibaly investment from last week worked out quite well. We have more potential upgrades from Group D coming up on Monday, too.

Makengo is represented by Fouma who sits at 7 points. With 3 more points he will upgrade to an 87, and if he advanced to finals he will upgrade to an 88 (top 2 upgrade).

Cavaleiro is represented by De Weerd who sits at 9 points. With 1 more point he will also upgrade to an 87, while advancing upgrades to 88. The cheapest 88 currently sits ~ 23k.

FC Makengo:ย PSX 15k PC 15k (~ 5k profit target)
FC Pro Cavaleiro:ย PSX 19k PC 19k (~ 3k profit target)

Sell in the hype before the matches on Monday they reach the profit target. If not, you can gamble in hopes they win/advance.