Q & A Tuesday – Week 5

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Any way to invest in future scream promo right now?


Try picking up some cheap 83/84 in good leagues or good nations, cheap informs 81/82/83/84 with good leagues or nations also!


Do you have a weekly investment schedule based on rewards, objectives, and TOTW/sbc releases?


Thanks! Also, do we get any kind of indication about the MM before they drop? Or do you just look at the schedule and pick out the biggest games? And do you think there is any way this isn’t a MM bc Liverpool already had one a few weeks ago?


You the man!

Gavin Tharney

What is your opinion on if The Hernandez? Surely he should rise out of packs


What to do with IFs Kolarov and Oyarzabal?


With the upcoming halloween scream event this friday id say you should take the hold. If required for scream sbc’s they will rise. Eventually you can list them above their min buy now for lazy buyers


Hi chief.
I have 50 pcs of icardi bought on 7.7-9.5 like what u said..
what i need to do now ? take the hit again and invest on something else or keep holding?


I’m loathe to do this, I pulled the trigger and “cut my losses” on 40 James Milner cards after he didn’t make team of the week, and missed out on around 400,000 coins when he went to 10k hours later – I might hang onto Icardi


Looks like I was sort of right 😂 with the Bastian sbc he has risen again about 1k-1.5k, so I’m getting rid now and recouping some of that loss per card


Hi Chief, with the upcoming halloween scream event is it smart to sell my team? I expect many players to sell their players to open packs and in that case some players might crash right?


Hi, just packed Mbappe – should I sell him right now or wait? In the upcoming weeks his price will surely drop, right?


Favorite discard IF right now? Eyeing Grillitsch and Rodriguez.


Hey Chief, I often see people making money from investing in informs soon after they are in packs because people sell them really cheap. Can you explain how to see if a new inform is too cheap and when he is not?


What do you reckon to St Pats and Bohemian players for Marquee?


Squad fitness likely to go anywhere with them patching the glitch?

João Miguel Bastos

Should i buy wijnaldum before his TOTW comes out?


Wjinaldum is too high at price as he is part of the meta, his ROI won’t be much since he’s already expensive. Tha’s what I think.


Is it worth selling teams now to buy back on friday night when prices drop

João Pereira

Howwhat is the best way to make money for someone who started playing now and only has 2000 coins?

João Pereira

*What is


If I apply some training attributes to dunk IF your reckon I can sell them for 12k – 13k?


Hey chief, what does your best XI look like?


Best time to buy a squad?


Hey Chief,

first of all great job you are doing here! Thanks!

Do you have any predictions for upcoming UEFA CL MM next week?


Should I sell my squad before the Halloween Promotion?


When do u think i should sell my OTW de jong?