Investment: Discard UCLs

Player: Discard UCLs

Reasoning: EA will come out with the next UEFA MM on Tuesday, November 26th. Often times, some of the SBCs that come out require UCL players. Buying them near discard is a safe look. I wouldn’t be filling up your transfer list, but sticking some of them in your club would be a good bet.

Target BUY: XBOX 450 PS4 450 PC 450

Target SELL: Sell in the hype on Tuesday before the SBC release (6pm UK time) or gamble and hold in hopes they are required.



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Hey chief should I sell my 86s and 85s coś they are either extinct or at max price or should I hold on to the them I’m case they get a price range update.
Thanks chief


If the ucl cards aren’t required , will they still be needed in the future?


I bought litman 88 for 360k can his price be affected by black Friday ?

Kyrie Irving Lebron

Should I offload my zinchenkos i nought at 650?


Hi Chief, is investing in totw 10 IFs one of the best black friday investments do you reckon?

P Stang

Hi Chief, what about rare golds on Real Madrid or PSG for a UEFA Marquee Matchups? Maybe Diallo, Kehrer, or Mariano?


When is best to sell, just before the release around 5pm or earlier