Q & A Tuesday – Week 35

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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What is gonna be the next totssf major League After la Liga


Which players should I buy other than Werner for next week


Is it worth going after the potential extinct silvers for league sbcs? The Brescia/Lecce types and even the teams with minimal low rated cards in a position. Napoli central mids and Inter GK for example. Just because it looks like people are spamming league sbcs once the tots card is released so if the next league is leaked early is it something to look at?


Any you’d recommend? I know the clubs to target but haven’t really done many of the league sbcs this year so not really sure which players are in most demand and will offer the best return. Defenders are usually my go to with everything else though.

FUT Improver

Do you think SBC rares are worth doing and will they be repeated for the other TOTSSF? Worth an invest or not?


Thoughts on league sbc method and consumables trading?


Should I invest in Mahrez now?


when will the garunteed Tots be realesed today


I stupidly bought Ronaldo for 388k and and mbappe for 355k and figo 88 cam for 230k on PS4 on Sunday.Should I just take the loses now?
I been following your tips and making money, so thanks. This has just put a damper on things


Hey Chief, do you think Luis Alberto will continue to drop and rise even next week? Good idea to snipe him again for 2.5k next week? Seems like easy flips whenever guarantee packs are out. Cheers


Hi Chief!

Last week, the TOTSSF Prem players were at their lowest on Wednesday and rose on Thursday/Friday (some rose 300K+ during those few days).

I was hoping this trend would occur with the La Liga TOTSSF players so I was going to buy TOTSSF Varane and Suarez today (Wednesday) and sell on Friday. However, their prices had risen substantially over the morning. Why do you think this is the case, and do you think it would still be wise to buy some of these players in hopes that they rise by Thursday/Friday?



Are the prices for Muller, Kimmich and Hummels from last week still valid for the Bundesliga this week? Hummels still at the target price of 25k


Hi Chief.

I know I can’t play the game much in the next two weeks, i I have 700k. Worth spending all on Serie A rares under 1k and then selling in 2 weeks time during Serie A sbc’s?

Am I right in thinking I will at minimum double my coins?


Hey Chief!

Just a quick question regarding email notifications. I used to get an email the moment you would make a post which I found to be very helpful as I can just hop onto the FUT app and make my buys before the cards would get sorta inflated later on. But I haven’t gotten such emails for your recent investment tips. Do I need to be a subscriber to get these notifications?

Thanks for everything, you honestly make this game bearable to me because I’ve found trading to be infinitely more fun than actually playing this broken video game.