Investment: Ben Chilwell

Player:Β Ben Chilwell

Position5/5Fullbacks tend to perform better than other positions
Nation4/5Good English Links
League4/5Good PL Links
Club4/5Good Chelsea links
ROI Potential5/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
Historial Trends5/5OOP TOTW 2 players are historically a good investment
Overall Rating4.5/5

Target BUY: XBOX 2k PS4 2k PC 2k

Target SELL:Β Sell in the hype leading up to the TOTW announcement at 6pm on Wednesday, October 7th OR sell a day or two before he goes back into packs on Wednesday, October 14th.



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Ilina Marian Gabriel

on your patron do you offer also tools for sniping on web app?

Samuel Eto

Done. Sold my Henderson, and bought 14 chilwells :). Do you think it is possible that he will double his price in the hype? πŸ™‚

Samuel Eto

Is there a high chance for him to be in totw? Would you take a risk and wait for totw drop and sell day before he come back to packs?

Samuel Eto

Everything clear. Thanks Chief πŸ™‚

Khaleel Talakshi

What would you sell chilwell at if bought at 2k and 2.1k max

Khaleel Talakshi

cheif, chilwell is down


Chief James as an investment for should get a totw?

Sweaty Tsu

Hey chief, when listing for lazies how often will they sell. I’m listing 33 1k players for 3.1k up and none have sold for two hours in a row.


Do you think Oyarzabal could be a good investment to stock up on with his potential TOTW? Relatively cheap giving his rating compared to other la Liga LW and may be popular for starter teams on release


Is it confirmed that TOTW announcements will happen at 6 pm now?


Hi chief.

Just got Kimmich, do you think that I should sell and invest in Chilwell and Caputo? Or just hold on for a hopeful increased price range?


what kind of price do you expect him to go up to, Chief?


Ah okay, so wait until say the 12th and list then for best results?


Just packed coutinho should I sell for 20k or hold on xbox



Also when to sell sule and other 83-88 fodder


Hi chief, is it worth investing in a few Ansu Fati in form cards in the next few days?


Hey chief,would you recommend investing in chillwell or in an Everton player for Calvert Lewin POTM?

scott mcinally

hey chief ive been grinding for a couple days and have a 100k and a tradable kane do you think i should sell kane and invest it all in chilwell or spread it out


I just packed Ansu Fati. He is around 34k on pc, how much and when will he rise if at all?


hey chief I’ve just had amazing 50k pack – got firmino (125k), llorente (32k), and renan lodi who is extinct. Do you recommend I sell or hold these guys since they’re meta


hi chief, just packed varane. should i wait till wl to sell or sell now and invest? cheers


Hey guys I’m brand new here but interested in what this mean.. will subscribe and donate to the site if I get use out of it but just trying to understand this transfer market. If we are to buy ben Chilwell now. Does this mean that when the TOTW card comes out the card previously purchased will upgrade to TOTW or will they just generally be worth more money.. but confused. Thanks in advance


when a player gets TOTW, he’s regular card (gold one) goes out of packs so he’s regular card goes up in price


Ahhh!! Boss thanks you!!


thank you.. loads of useful tips on here thanks so much. Ill make sure to contribute toward the site πŸ‘


Do you think its a smart move to sell my 2 klostermanns now and just take the 16k profit to invest in chillwell. If I do that i can buy 16 of him. If he rise 3k i have a profit of 48k and a total of 81k. Is a 3k rise of chilwell realistic? If i hold klostermann and he rises to 30k, I just have a total of 60k. So is this a smart plan or am i talking nonsense?


Hi Chief,

With the squad battle rewards coming tomorrow, what do you suggest, buy more of the top buys or wait for tomorrow morning?