Investment: Heung Min Son

Player: Heung Min Son

Position4/5Wingers tend to perform well in comparison to other positions
Nation2/5Few Korean Links
League4/5Good PL Links
Club4/5Decent Spurs links
ROI Potential1/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
Historial Trends5/5OOP TOTW 2 players are historically a good investment
Overall Rating3.3/5

Target BUY: XBOX 275k PS4 325k PC 375k

Target SELL: Sell in the hype leading up to the TOTW announcement at 6pm on Wednesday, October 7th OR sell a day or two before he goes back into packs on Wednesday, October 14th.



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Sweaty Tsu

Hey chief, is there an issue with your patreon? as it won’t let me subscribe.


try again later. Had the problem yesterday too. It was probably due to Patreon or their host on the server side. The page was not loading, whether in IE, Chrome or Edge. But two hours later I was able to take out my subscription.


i packed martial. would you say wait to sell or sell now?

Martin Pierre Dammand

I got lucky and have packed some okay things and are sitting on 1.4mil what do you think is a good invenstment
oh and its PS4

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James Whitfield

Chief, packed Son in an SBC! Heavily invested in your top buys as you know already. Would you sell once he’s in TOTW as I feel it’s guaranteed or in the hype before?
Thinking of getting rid of Berardi’s in the hype and possibly my berghuis’, then Chilwell, Halstenberg and Davidson once OOP.

James Whitfield

Chief, as good a response as ever, much appreciated. Keep up the good work mate 👍🏼
Let’s hope the investments make TOTW and prices ☝🏼☝🏼


Thoughts on investing in Willian before ones to watch

tobias nissen

How much do you think Son will rise in price? and at what price should i sell him?

Rodney Torraville

Hey chief. Just bought son for 320k on ps4 but realized something. Do you think sons player value will crash on the fact most players are recieveing a free totw player?

Rodney Torraville

Everybody also gets a free untradable totw player. They updated it. Check their twitter

Rodney Torraville

As well as the video on the tweet i think they confirmed the first batch of otw players


With son not making totw, price is dropping, worth keeping hold of him or best to get rid? Do we think his price will rebound once the full release hits Friday?


Son is dropping wil in increase?


Thnx for message! Son did not make totw2 so hè wil rise !? I think im buying now sell this weekend? I cant play and need money!?


And Will hazard rise?