How to Make 1 Million Coins by October 6th

The EA FC 24 web app launch is on Wednesday, September 20th. Ultimate Edition will drop on Friday, September 22nd, and the full FIFA 24 release is scheduled for September 29th.

Here is how you can make 1 million coins in the 16 days from September 20th (web app launch) to October 6th (end of RTTK Team 1).

0-10k (Wednesday, 20th)


  • Sell Founders Rewards – EA are replacing Welcome Packs with Founders Rewards for their new installment of the game. It remains to be seen if these can be sold for coins. It’d be surprising if EA didn’t give out anything on Wednesday that could be sold, though, as the web app period would be pointless otherwise. Remain flexible and prepared for whatever comes. We will be communicating in discord as to what approach is best.
  • Find filters that return players required for SBCs – Early SBCs are one of the few ways people can get packs when the game is released. Cards that fit requirements often go for more much than people anticipate and are good targets for bidding/sniping. In this article I list a few potential targets.
  • Snipe extinct players – Admittedly, EA did a better job of assigning accurate price ranges to players in FIFA 23. That isn’t to say that they were perfect, though; both Tonali and Pedri were extinct within a few days early on last year. Stay alert to cards that EA may have dropped the ball on when the web app is released on day one.
  • Snipe low rated, expensive players – See why these are such a good look in this article. Players with the highest pace tend to be a good option.

10k-50k (Thursday-Friday, 21st-22nd)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – Target profiting at least 10k per hour when trading using the 3 options outlined above (SBC solutions, extinct, low rated & expensive). You can also refer to my Sniping Filters page for more specific recommendations. Utilize your full transfer list when doing so to maximize your profits.
  • Attempt trading cheap TOTW 1 cards – Now that we have established a decent coin base, we can attempt to trade more expensive players. This is advantageous because there is less competition for these cards i.e. less people have the capital available to buy them. You can create some nice filters with these, too; for example, a PL – TOTW filter would return to Thiago Silva, Sarr, Toney, & Salah in FIFA 22. The more players that fall in your filter, the more potential to get a good snipe.
  • Invest in meta players – Player prices will start to increase rapidly after the first 24 hours of release, particularly the most usable ones. There are a lot of options for investing. In my experience, the players that offer the best risk/reward ratio meet the following criteria:
    • 1. Rating of 83-86. These players fall in a rating sweet spot; they aren’t too low rated with risk of oversupply, and aren’t too high rated to be too expensive.
    • 2. Pace. Players with 80+ pace win out, year after year. Focus on them.
    • 3. Good nation. In FIFA 23, France was the clear winner when it came to investment success. I don’t expect FC 24 to be any different.
    • These are the players that meet the above three criteria. Of them, my favorite targets are Dembele, Kounde, Coman, Diaby, Cascarino, Fekir, and Yedder.

50k-200k (Saturday-Sunday, 23rd-24th)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – See above.
  • Attempt trading cheap TOTW 1 cards –  See above.
  • Invest in meta players – See above.
  • Buy TOTW 2 gold players – When a player gets an inform, their gold card is forced out of packs, cutting off their supply and often increasing their price. Take a look at these TOTW 2 gold card examples from FIFA 20.
    PlayerSeptember 25th PriceOctober 1st Price% Change
    Willian Jose2,2054,00081%
    Carlos Eduardo64585032%
    Thiago Silva19,33125,17330%
    Kevin de Bruyne339,494388,58314%
    Ruben Blanco45550010%
    James Maddison2,0642,2007%
    Amine Harit78070010%
    Akanji and Marquinhos were also good examples from FIFA 23. After the matchday for the weekend of September 23rd-24th, we will get an idea of who will make the TOTW 2. Pay attention to games on that Saturday-Sunday to get in early before other investors.
  • Target Icons with Quick Sell Recovery Strat – We began using this method last year. Essentially, it allows you to borrow money without interest in order to invest in more players. I’ll be watching female Icons closely for this as I think they will rise nicely.

200k-500k (Monday-Thursday, 25th-28th)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – See above.
  • Attempt trading cheap TOTW 1/2 cards –  See above.
  • Target Icons with Quick Sell Recovery Strat – See above.
  • Sell meta golds – The release schedule for FC 24 is a bit different than years past as Ultimate Edition gets a full week of early access as opposed to three days. Regardless, I still think there will be a relative high for the meta market a day or two before the full release on Friday, September 29th. I would sell your meta investments sometime on Tuesday/Wednesday, and definitely get out before the full release on Friday.
  • Invest in TOTW 1 players – TOTW 1 will go out of packs on Wednesday. The couple days before will be the last time to get them for decent prices before the rise OOP. My suggestion – sell your meta golds to reinvest in some TOTW 1 players. They are a very safe bet historically, and depending on who we see included there could be some nice profit potential. Target more usable players as opposed to SBC fodder. Valverde, Saliba, and Immobile were all great options from FIFA 23. I’ll be posting about my favorite looks when the time comes, so return back here then.
  • Buy unexpected TOTW 2 golds (September 27th when TOTW drops) – We cannot be sure who will be in the TOTW squad when it comes out at 6PM UK time on September 27th. However, when it does drop grab any gold cards of players that weren’t expected to make the squad. These players will be less likely to have inflated from investors and, as the table above shows, are a safe bet to rise over the 7 days that they are out of packs. Some looks will be better than others, so refer back here to see which I’m most intrigued by.

500k-1,000,000 (Friday-Friday, 29th-6th)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – See above.
  • Attempt trading cheap TOTW 2 cards –  See above.
  • Buy RTTK golds (September 30th when RTTK drops) – We cannot be sure who will be in the RTTK squad when it comes out at 6PM UK time on September 30th. However, when it does drop grab any gold cards of players that haven’t yet inflated; they are a safe bet to rise over the 7 that they are out of packs. I will mention specific names in the discord.
  • Sell TOTW 1 cards – These very well could continue to rise out of packs, similar to Valverde from last year, Vinicius from FIFA 22 or Renato Sanches from FIFA 21. Finding the golden goose can be tricky, though, and long hold times often plague investors. Take your profits and look to make your next move.
  • Sell TOTW 2 gold cards- Historically, OOP (out of packs) investments tend to be the highest in the last day or two before they return to packs. I would wait to sell until TOTW 2 gold cards until around October 3rd and RTTK gold cards around October 5th. Make sure you are listing for lazies in the meantime, though.



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Has it been released yet what time the web app will go live?


Cheers Chief


Chief how long will it take for cbp extension to be live


Looks like there are no starter packs… what would be your advice to make some coins to start?


Where did you get kits and badges? I was given nothing