Investment: Steven Berghuis

Player: Steven Berghuis

Position4/5Wingers tend to perform well in comparison to other positions
Nation4/5Good Dutch Links
League3/5Decent Eredivisie Links
Club2/5Few Feyenoord links
ROI Potential5/5Cheaper players tend to have better ROI
Historial Trends5/5OOP TOTW 2 players are historically a good investment
Overall Rating3.8/5

Target BUY: XBOX 1k PS4 1k PC 1k

Target SELL: Sell in the hype leading up to the TOTW announcement at 6pm on Wednesday, October 7th OR sell a day or two before he goes back into packs on Wednesday, October 14th.



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Rodney Torraville

Hey chief. Love the site. I have bought about 10 caputos, 20 berghuis, 20 chilwels. I also invested in 20 lucas leiva for about 3k a piece, do you think he will go up or just get rid of him now?

Rodney Torraville

Awsome thanks bro. Ge has also gone up about 900 coins today. Something to note


Hi chief,

Any idea on when to start buying players for my team?
For now I’m trying to invest and I’m afraid that I’ll wait too much and the team that I want will be too expensive.


Way to early yet , market will drop after scream events etc. Keep investing and use starter squad


Do we think they will update price ranges tonight?


Hey C – Any love for James Rod ?

Sweaty Tsu

Hey chief, when is the best time to buy my team for the first fut champs. I’m an gold 1/elite 3 player (high div 2 rivals) looking to do a bit better this year.


Hey Chief, Grealish, Watkins, Cresswel as investments?


Hi chief,
Thanks for all the help you’re providing.

Telles is heading to Manchester united, is it a good idea to get his Porto card?


Still waiting for these price range updates chief, I have multiple Lodi’s, rodrigos, traores, jotas and a pack pulled depay. Any more you tbink I should add?


You think its smart to invest in Chilwells? Goes for around 2.4k right now on PS4 with a guaranteed TOTW


Thanks for your answer! I have another question
Got Haland for 90k. He goes for 110k. Would you wait or sell at this point ? You think hes going up again ?


I’ve just packed Neymar, should I sell him
now or hold him for a bit longer?


When is the right time to sell chilwell??


Hey chief I packed joao Felix, when’s the best time to sell?


6 pm is English time?


When should i sell berghuis like twmorrow at around 7ish


I bought some berghuis for about 1k or less, he is currently selling for 1.5k , should I sell now or will he continue to rise?