24 for 24: FUTBIN Indexes

24 for 24 is a series of 24 investing/trading highlights from FIFA 23, 1 posted each day over the course of September leading up to the FIFA 24 Ultimate Edition release on September 22nd. Reviewing these will help aspiring FIFA traders learn about the ins and outs of the FUT market and remind veterans of what they already know. Below is a list of the investments we have looked at already.

  1. Sniping Targets
  2. Peak Times
  3. OTW Golds
  4. TOTW 1
  5. Frenchies
  6. Double Dips
  7. Price Ranges
  8. Web App
  9. Shortfuts
  10. Chemistry Changes
  11. Women’s Football
  12. FUTBIN Indexes

FUTBIN is one of the most useful tools for both investing and trading. It contains loads of historical price information for individual players. Additionally, it aggregates this data to give an overall scope of market segments with the indexes. Here is where you can see them on FUTBIN.

The most useful indexes to reference are the 83, 84, 85, 86, and Icon markets. The Icon index gives a scope of the overall meta market in the game. As you’ll see, there is an overall decline over time; however, there are windows where it is historically most advantageous to buy or sell your squads. For example, buying a squad during TOTY is generally a good time. You aren’t protected from losses, but you will incur far fewer in the weeks following the promo and sometimes even make profits.

As for the 83-86 indexes, these gauge how fodder are priced at a certain time. Looking at the daily chart gives you a sense of how cheap they are at a glance and which fodder might be the best to invest in. It is anybody’s guess which rating might pop from SBC requirements, so targeting the cards that are cheapest historically speaking is your best option.