Best Investment Starter Squad for FIFA 20

It is no secret that OTW golds are some of my favorite early investments. In FIFA 19, these cards rose an average of 88% over the 10 days they were out of packs.

Here is a FIFA 20 Investment Starter Squad that focuses on OTW gold cards (FUTBIN squad link) and specific details as to why they are such good looks.


LW – Ivan PerisicAfter 4 seasons at Inter, Perisic now moves on to Germany to play for Bayern. He has a great shot at making the OTW squad on September 27th, and his 4* skills and 5* WF make him a great option in the attack.

ST – Sebastien HallerNot a glamorous choice at striker, but he is one of the eight confirmed OTW players for FIFA 20. He will rise nicely while out of packs.

RW – Nicolas PepeAnother confirmed OTW selection, so Pepe is a safe bet for early investment purposes. A winger with 91 pace isn’t a bad option to have on your side, either.


CM – Corentin TolissoThe French midfielder won’t be getting a OTW card, but he does help for chemistry purposes in the squad (strong link to Perisic). A solid card with 70+ stats in all categories.

CM – Tanguy NdombeleNot a confirmed OTW card, but has a good chance after transferring to a popular club (Spurs) in the Premier League. Looks to be a potential OP card early on, as well.

CM – RodriStanding at 6’3″ (191 cm), the Manchester City transfer will be a great look early on for investment purposes. He will be the most expensive player in the squad, and while expensive players tend to offer a lower ROI, I am still confident that Rodri will rise nicely from September 27th-October 7th.


LB – Nico SchulzThe German fullback has a good chance of being chosen for the OTW squad. If he isn’t, you still get to run up and down the left sideline with a card that has 90 pace.

CB – Lucas HernandezEA have chosen 2 players from the same club in the past for OTW (Keita/Alisson in ’19), and it’s my extinct that they will pair up Hernandez with Perisic in FIFA 20 as well. With 80+ pace, defending, and physical, he will be a beast to deal with for opponents.

CB – Kurt ZoumaNothing special about this card; he is a cheap French centerback from the BPL that we need for chemistry purposes.

RB – Wan-BissakaConfirmed OTW. Fullback position. Pacey. Manchester United. English. All of these things make Wan-Bissaka one of the best looks early on in the game.

GK: Stephane RuffierThe French GK was chosen for chemistry purposes to link up with Hernandez and Zouma, but he could be a good investment look early given the fact he will likely be one of the cheapest 84 rated players.




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How can we get coins to afford this team so early…?


Hi chief, I’ll probably get a really cheap starter squad with some CSL players. When do you would be the best day to buy it? Before or after full release? Also, if they will be cheaper a few days after release I could just play drafts or use a bronze squad just in squad battles for a week or so. Thanks!


Hey chief, don’t you think some of these players will be really overinvested? I have a feeling they might drop instead of rising…


Thanks, also, what do you think of putting some cheap TOTW 1 players in my starter squad? Are they a safe bet?

Pedro Guedes

I have ea access… When can I start buying?
Sorry but I’m confused 😕

Pedro Guedes

Thank you for the quick reply


Hey chief, last year I bought my squad of low rated players the day before the full release and the following day they had crashed massively. Would it be wise to buy it after release? I have only got the standard edition and haven’t got ea access…
Thank you


Hey chief I just wanted to know is pele or Maradona better according to u?


When do you buy the team


are they still good investments? or are they too expensive now?


Hi Chief, i have Malen, Aurier, Koscielny, moreno. Do i need to sell or keep the cards

Pedro Guedes

Hey chief… I packed Ericsson
Should I sell now for 120k or wait?
Thank you

Pedro Guedes

Do you think we will drop in price?


Hi chief!

Had the luck to pack Dembele, should I sell him now at ~52k (xbox) or wait until Thursday ?



Packed Robertson. Keep him or sell him for 70k?


Hi Chief, I just packed Pépé, when is the best time to sell him?


Yes that I understand, but he is getting a OTW card on Friday, will the price of the gold card go up then?