Investment History


DateInvestmentAudienceTypeBudgetMax Return (PSX)Max ROI (PSX)
September 28thMan U GoldsPublicSBC HypeLow35049%
September 27thIF SalibaDiscordOOP SpecialMedium7k14%
September 26thPedriPublicExtinctMedium12k119%
September 22ndIF ValverdePublicOOP SpecialMedium74k147%
September 22ndIF SalibaPublicOOP SpecialMedium34k155%
September 21stTheo HernandezPrivateMetaMedium44k147%
September 21stFerland MendyPrivateMetaMedium43k144%


DateInvestmentAudienceTypeBudgetMax Return (Xbox)Max ROI (Xbox)
April 10thCiro ImmobilePrivateOOP GoldMedium2,0008%
April 9th85sDiscordFodderLow2,50031%
April 9thIF JonnyPublicTOTWMedium5,00030%
April 8thInsigneDiscordOOP GoldMedium8,70054%
April 5thJoao FelixPublicOOP GoldLow-65-5%
April 2ndIF TierneyPrivateTOTWMedium13,00084%
April 2ndIF MandiPrivateTOTWMedium13,00097%
April 2ndIF OchoaPrivateTOTWMedium12,00097%
April 1stRTTF Maitland NilesPublicOOP SpecialHigh7,0006%
March 31stFantasy HincapiePublicOOP SpecialMedium7,00012%
March 31stFantasy BambaPublicOOP SpecialHigh-12,000-5%
March 26thInform BartraPublicTOTWMedium950050%
March 26thInform GiakoumakisPublicTOTWMedium13,000105%
March 26thInform BennacerPublicTOTWMedium16,000137%
March 26thKyle WalkerPrivateOOP GoldMedium-700-5%
March 26thLucas HernandezPrivateOOP GoldLow-75-5%
March 26thIlkay GundoganDiscordOOP GoldLow180016%
March 26thFantasy GelsonDiscordOOP SpecialHigh120,00028%
March 25thLautaro MartinezDiscordFodderLow-400-5%
March 25thMOTM MullerPublicOOP SpecialMedium11,00025%
March 22ndDiscard InformsDiscordTOTWMedium130013%
March 19thSommerDiscordFodderLow150019%
March 19thPL InformsPublicTOTWMedium990090%
March 19thFilip KosticPrivateOOP GoldLow210038%
March 17thGimenezPublicOOP GoldLow160030%
March 17thJohn StonesPublicOOP GoldLow130045%
March 16thFerran TorresPrivateOOP GoldLow-500-36%
March 15thRTTF DanjumaDiscordUpgrade HypeMedium10k35%
March 14thRTTF CuadradoDiscordUpgrade HypeHigh20k13%
March 14thAlvaro MorataPublicOOP GoldLow52052%
March 12thHeadliners AcunaDiscordUpgrade HypeMedium-2000-5%
March 12thLa Liga InformsPublicTOTWMedium280027%
March 11thMOTM WernerDiscordOOP SpecialMedium700042%
March 11thMOTM FodenPrivateOOP SpecialMedium700014%
March 11thFUT Bday DokuPublicOOP SpecialMedium-1000-5%
March 8thFekir GoldPrivateOOP GoldLow340064%
March 5thLautaro GoldPrivateOOP GoldLow570060%
March 5thMOTM TavernierPublicFodder/OOP SpecialMedium00%
March 5thIF VelaPublicTOTWMedium00%
March 5thIF BenitezPublicTOTWMedium00%
March 5thHeadliners Reece JamesDiscordUpgrade HypeHigh39,00023%
March 4thUECL SmallingDiscordUpgrade HypeMedium375019%
March 3rdGold GrealishDiscordOOP GoldLow300046%
March 2ndGold NdombelePublicOOP GoldLow85042.5%
March 2ndGold TraorePublicOOP GoldLow135090%
February 26thIF MazraouiPublicTOTWMedium225019%
February 26thIF GunterPublicTOTWMedium12009%
February 26thIF Walker-PetersPublicTOTWMedium310022%
February 26thIF BremerPublicTOTWMedium12009%
February 26thIF MuniainPublicTOTWMedium285015%
February 26thIF RudigerPublicTOTWMedium275013%
February 25thMOTM RomeroPrivateOOP SpecialMedium460021%
February 25thRTTF TolissoPublicUpgrade HypeHigh49,00030%
February 22ndDiscard TOTWPublicTOTWMedium185018%
February 21stIF MaignanDiscordTOTWMedium-1350-5%
February 20thRTTF IlicicPrivateUpgrade HypeMedium11003%
February 19thGold JotaDiscordOOP GoldLow7500750%
February 18thGold IlicicDiscordOOP GoldLow210038%
February 18thIF RulliPublicTOTWMedium125010%
February 18thIF HallerPublicTOTWMedium130011%
February 18thIF HubnerPublicTOTWMedium135012%
February 18thIF BensebainiPublicTOTWMedium135012%
February 16thKierian TrippierPrivateOOP GoldLow580077%
February 14thHeadliners SchickDiscordUpgrade HypeMedium400025%
February 12thGold Rare Spanish CBsPrivateFodderLow-60-5%
February 12thRTTK AmaviDiscordLinkMedium23,00098%
February 12thWW DelaineDiscordLinkHigh36,00026%
February 12thBase Roberto CarlosDiscordLinkHigh110,00025%
February 12thIF SarabiaPublicTOTWMedium260019%
February 12thIF SensiPublicTOTWMedium260019%
February 10thMaxence LacroixPrivateOOP GoldLow-130-5%
February 9thMarco AsensioPublicOOP GoldLow2600150%
February 7thHeadliners SchickPrivateUpgrade HypeMedium220017%
February 5thIF RondonPublicTOTWMedium700064%
February 5thIF OtavioPublicTOTWMedium980075%
February 5thIF RyanPublicTOTWMedium980075%
February 5thIF Di MariaPublicTOTWMedium860023%
February 3rdHM MendyPublicOOP SpecialMedium-3000-7%
February 2ndIF OtavioPrivateTOTWMedium220017%
February 2ndIF RyanPrivateTOTWMedium220017%


Investment – what card the investment is

Date – what day the investment was posted

Audience – who the investment was released to

  • Public – released for everyone
  • Private – released for subscribers with the website password
  • Discord – released as an extra tip on the discord

Type – the type of investment

  • OOP Gold – out of packs gold which tend to rise from lack of supply
  • Fodder – a card that is the cheapest for their respective rating
  • OOP Special – a special card that will be going out of packs with no more supply
  • TOTW – a TOTW card that will be going out of packs with no more supply
  • Upgrade Hype – a card that will/could be upgraded that will rise in the hype
  • Link – card that links to a newly released player (SBC, objective, etc)

Budget – how expensive the investment is

  • Low – 0-10k
  • Medium – 10-100k
  • High – 100k+

Max ROI – the highest return on the investment based on percentage of purchase price

Max Return – the highest profit achieved from the investment