30 in 30: Live Cards

30 in 30 is a series of 30 investing and trading tips, 1 posted each day over the course of September leading up to the FIFA 21 release in October. Below is a list of the tips we have seen already.

  1. TOTW Investing
  2. OOP TOTW Golds
  3. SBC Gems
  4. Perfect Positions
  5. Frequent Acronyms
  6. EA Tax
  7. ROI Potential
  8. MM Investing
  9. High Traffic Times
  10. Promo Investing
  11. Icons and WL Rewards
  12. Quick Sell Values
  13. Live Cards

EA introduced live cards in FIFA 17 with the advent of the Ones to Watch promotion. While most cards remain static statistically after they are introduced in the game, live cards are dynamic as they can be upgraded over time depending on football IRL.

For example, if Timo Werner shown above has a TOTW worthy performance and gets an inform, his OTW card would upgraded to have the same stats as his TOTW card (also applies for MOTM, TOTT, Record Breaker, Hero, etc).

The live card promotions include:

  • OTW
  • Headliners
  • SBC Showdowns (to be determined for FIFA 21)

A good investing strategy for these live cards is to buy shortly after their TOTW worthy performance and sell in the hype leading up to the TOTW release at 3pm UK time on Wednesday. Often times they fall in price even if they do make the TOTW (and even more so if they don’t), so it is best to get out beforehand.