30 in 30: Chief’s Buy Price

30 in 30 is a series of 30 investing and trading tips, 1 posted each day over the course of September leading up to the FIFA 21 release in October. Below is a list of the tips we have seen already.

  1. TOTW Investing
  2. OOP TOTW Golds
  3. SBC Gems
  4. Perfect Positions
  5. Frequent Acronyms
  6. EA Tax
  7. ROI Potential
  8. MM Investing
  9. High Traffic Times
  10. Promo Investing
  11. Icons and WL Rewards
  12. Quick Sell Values
  13. Live Cards
  14. Two Birds One Stone
  15. Chief’s Buy Price

With the CBP extension, I was able to become the #1 trader in the world in FIFA 20, and I earned the #2 spot in FIFA 19. Here is a little bit more information as to how it works.

Q: What is the CBP?

A: A google chrome extension that highlights players who are a certain percentage under their 7 day average, like so.

For example, say you set your percentage to 10. Any player that is 10%+ less than their 7 day average will be visually highlighted green – just like Allan in the image above.

Q: Which players have a CBP?

A: Any player that has a 7 day average over 100k.

Q: So I should buy any player that is highlighted?

A: Not necessarily. It simply means that they are potentially a good buy given they are a certain percentage below their 7 day average.

Q:ย How often is the CBP updated?

A: Once daily.

Q: Is the extension specific to one platform?

A: No, the CBP can be used for PS4, Xbox, or PC.

Q: Is it an autobuyer?

A: No, it is not an autobuyer. It is simply a visual augmentation the Web App.

Q: Can I be banned for using the CBP?

A: Myself and my subscribers have been using the CBP for over a year with no issues. If anyone is banned, it would start with me as I have associated myself with it and have posted multiple screenshots linked directly with my FUT account.

Q: How do I get CBP?

A: You can get CBP by becoming a gold subscriber here.